Lox Like NYC Tap Water Isn't Kosher

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A reddit user recently uploaded photos of microscopic shrimp found in New York City tap water after he analyzed it through a microscope. These little buggers are called copepods, which keep water clear by eating mosquito larvae. They're totally harmless and obviously tasteless, but the problem is that they're technically not kosher. Sorry, giant Orthodox Jewish population in NYC!

I live in your water!

Copepods are crustaceans, which are a big no-no for Orthodox Jews along with pork products, birds of prey, rodents, and a host of other random foods. They can technically kosher up the water by using a filter to remove the copepods, but I'm sure they're not thrilled with the idea of their city's water containing creepy crawlies (then again, who is?). I wonder how many Orthodox Jews are aware of the shrimpy water -- I'm sure they're used to struggling in a non-kosher world (they practically have to dodge delicious bacon at every corner). Time reports that the Jewish community requested to have the water adequately purified in 2004, but were essentially told to invest in a Brita filter or something similar.  

What do you think about little crustaceans living in your drinking water?

What do you think about crustaceans living in your tap water?

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I love shrimp (even raw shrimp), but not really as a beverage.

Posted By Jon,

There is so much worse in NY's water that this doesn't even phase me.

Posted By Rkirk,

As long as I don't have to see them, I don't care. lol

Posted By Volatile,


Posted By yochic156,

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