Katy Perry Too Sexy for Sesame Street -- This Post Brought to You By the Letters 'T' and 'A'

Posted on by Rebecca Kelley (Rebecca)
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Future Ms. Russell Brand and "I Kissed a Girl for Attention" (or however it goes) pop star Katy Perry recently recorded a version of "Hot and Cold" alongside Elmo for an episode of Sesame Street. However, once the version spread across the Internet, a lot of parents voiced complaints of Ms. Perry looking too boobalicious for the children's show.

Here's a screenshot of Katy singing along with Elmo:

She does have the girls on display, although the top of her outfit is flesh colored and not actually see-through. Still, those ta tas are kind of hard to miss. I don't know how inappropriate the outfit and her cleave are for kids, but I'm more disappointed that she was asked to be on the show in the first place. Kids should be brought up with better taste in music than that.

Sesame Street ultimately pulled the song and will not air it on their show later this year. What do you think, was her outfit too inappropriate for a children's television show?

Is Katy Perry too sexy for Sesame Street?

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Great, now I have "Teenage Dream" in my head, thanks Rebecca!

Posted By Jon,

She needs to just shut up -- completely, singing and everything -- and just keep looking fine, because that's about all she's worth. A warbling cat has more vocal range than this pop tart. /Sexist'd //Doesn't care'd

Posted By IFChris,

Oh, and why isn't my avatar showing up?

Posted By IFChris,

Have they bothered to look at any of the stuff coming out of Disney lately? Ummm, little 'ol Tinker Bell has less on that Katy Perry. The vid is now on Youtube of her deleted SS show. I let my 3.5 year old watch it. No big whoop really. > better taste Awe heck. I like hot-n-cold and Russel Brand is over-the-top. Just watched his last standup show and laughed harder than I had in a long time. So she has that going for her...

Posted By btabke,

Theres a time and place for everything.

Posted By JaxValentine,

It was entirely inappropriate for them to cast Katy Perry on Sesame Street for the same reason that it's wrong to make Barbie's with almost unreachable physical figures. Children are young and their minds are so open at the age at which they are watching this show, so what they see, they almost immediately accept as truth. "Katy Perry shows lots of boobs and has big boobs - I wanna be her! I SHOULD be her!" is what would be running through most kid's minds.

Posted By Volatile,

Sesame Street has a long hsitory of working with celebrities of different genres. It has always been written on two levels, for the child and the adult. The Katy Perry “Sesame Street” show will no longer be airing, although “Sesame Street” is known for the famous guest stars that appear on it. The singer gets to sing a duet on the show. The duet is with Elmo. Katy Perry Sesame Street appearance squashedSome parents were upset with the clothing choice that Perry wore in her duet singing “Hot and Cold” with Elmo. The clip of the sketch leaked on to YouTube, and concerned parents began writing letters and e-mails in protest, leading to the sketch getting pulled.

Posted By aloha,

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