Is There Too Much Junk in Brandy's Elephant Trunk?

Posted on by Sara McGinnis (SaraMcGinnis)
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"The Boy is Mine" songstress Brandy may be willing to vocally spat for a man's affections, but it seems having a wang permanently inked on her arm is taking things too far.


Last month Brandy proudly tweeted the following pic of her session with tattooist Peter Koskela, unaware that her freshly inked image of Hindu deity Lord Ganesh had a little too much in common with Ron Jeremy. Twitter fans, most of whom (we assume) possess eyes, spotted the phallic nature of the Lord's trunk immediately.


The hooplah prompted Brandy to discover a new fondness for long-sleeve shirts and to make a second trip to the tattoo parlor. Peter tells TMZ, "I wanted to fix the offending tip ... remove the whole phallic aspect. I told her I'd just swing it upwards."

A guy once told me that. Didn't turn out well.

Lucky for Brandy, Peter is reached deep into his artistic repertoire and pulled out the tried and true Adam & Eve technique. Private parts getting you down? Grab a leaf!

One has to ask, how is it that Peter didn't notice the bulbous tip in the original design? Innocent mistake, or a perhaps a high stakes game of permanent shenanigans?

Which tattoo do you prefer?

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I prefer my Hindu gods not to have phallic noses.

Posted By lockheed40,

A hidden cock is still a cock

Posted By Karla,

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Posted By kurnia santi,

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