Is the Cat Man Crazy or a Visionary?

Posted on by Robert Seitzinger (rseitzinger)
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The Cat Man, who has received worldwide play in the media for the past few years, is a human being whose obsession with the feline lifestyle has resulted in his several surgeries to look like a cat. This includes facial piercing to support whiskers, ear pointing, the oral insertion of fangs, claw construction, and more in his effort to look as much like a cat as is humanly possible. He also includes raw meat in his diet and climbs trees, tiger style.

With all the advancements in plastic surgery, does this make him a visionary for committing to his desire to be a human-sized feline? Or is this fellow just, catshit insane?

Go here to see a video detailing his various surgeries:

Is the Cat Man crazy?

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I would never do that

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