Indonesian Crop Circle Definitely Made By Aliens, Claim Idiots

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A new "crop circle" has, pardon the term, "cropped" up in a rice field in central Indonesia. And, unlike every single other crop circle ever documented and subsequently debunked since the very first one in 1978, this new one was definitely made by aliens. For sure. Honestly.

Or so say UFO enthusiasts, whose enthusiasm for UFO's is the only one of their claims not in question.

The crop circle showed up in late January, and consists of an intricate pattern of triangles and circles about 70 metres in diameter. And it has drawn hordes of curious observers, backing up traffic in the area and forcing the owners of the field to take the precautionary and not-at-all-suspicious measure of charging admission to look at it.

Some government officials and experts have viewed the pattern and quickly dismissed it as man-made. Other scientists from Indonesia's space agency have just flat-out refused to even bother visiting the site because they're not stupid.

But that doesn't stop the aliens-among-us crowd. Indonesia's community of UFO followers still say it was created by UFO's. They have no explanation for why hyper-intelligent beings would travel across unimaginable expanses of space to draw pretty flowers in our rice fields, but you can be sure they'll come up with something.

Who is more likely to have created the Indonesian crop circle?

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definitely not aliens. although there is no harm in believing in them. Unless you are Tom Cruise then it ruins peoples opinions of you.

Posted By MarkJansen,

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