In-N-Out Burger is Good, But It’s Not This Good

Posted on by Jason Arango (jarango)
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Something massive is happening in Allen, Texas. Gridlock lines the streets, and you can feel the excitement of that new fast food smell permeating the air. In-N-Out Burger is having its grand opening.

The video below is getting a lot of attention for highlighting the ridiculous wait people are willing to endure just for a taste of what Tom Hanks calls, "The best thing about Los Angeles." And sure, In-N-Out Burger might be shockingly good for a fast food restaurant, but it's far from the be-all and end-all of hamburgers. If you're going to wait this long just for a cheeseburger and some fries, it'd better come served on a bed of hundred-dollar bills.

It's not like In-N-Out Burger is a religious experience...or is it? In a state that boasts three of the nation's ten fattest cities, maybe it's destined to be the new Mecca. Five times a day people will stop and pray while facing their new holy land, thanking the heavens for blessing them with animal-style goodness. Or then again, maybe the novelty will fade and people will realize that as delicious as it might be, it's still just a fast food restaurant.

Is In-N-Out Burger Worth This Type of Wait?

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As someone who lives in LA, don't expect those lines to dissipate any time soon. In-N-Out's been here all my life and lines still snake into the streets.

Posted By Michael Clyde,

Oh man, I grew up in LA and love In-N-Out, but that is a shocking line for the drive-through. I wonder how long that would be, hours?

Posted By Jon,

I'd assume the drive-thru line was backed up at least a couple hours. I've been to In-N-Out Burger a few times while visiting Arizona or Nevada and it was pretty wonderful, but not two hours waiting in line wonderful.

Posted By jarango,

It's a damn good burger, but I wouldn't wait in line for two hours to get one... then again, I wouldn't wait in line for two hours for anything, not even the perfect BJ. But then, a two hour line for that would mean that two hours worth of dudes were before me, so maybe that's coloring my judgment on the whole "two hour wait for a BJ" thing... where were we talking about? Oh yeah, it's a really good burger, don;t like the fries, though.

Posted By mostie,

It's a good burger, and the best thing about LA, but that's not saying all that much...

Posted By karlakelly,

The line in Frisco on opening day, was at the shortest, 3 hours long. The next night it was only an hour long. I waited in that. It was good.

Posted By oswaltl,

nyam...... nyam.....

Posted By unoblazt,

In n Out's good yea, but certainly not the best for fast food burgers, I sure as hell wouldn't wait anything over 15 minutes for In n Out. Burgerville in Oregon/Washington is FAR better than anything In n Out has. Burgerville only uses Tillamook cheese, all natural grain fed beef from local farms. Pretty much everything is natural there except for the sodas. Their food is much, much tastier than In n Out.

Posted By sharn,

I agree with Sharn. In-N-Out isnt exactly fast food. will take 20 minutes to get yours done

Posted By dylancayleb,

"all natural grain fed beef" ???? Cows naturally eat grass, not a ton of grain concentrates. Feeding more grain makes the meat fattier and higher in Omega 6 fatty acids, which we do NOT need more of generally. Not knocking the rest of your statement, it just seemed like a weird selling point to me. Like saying "light sour cream, made with all natural gelatin additives and fresh corn starch for thickening!" You can make anything sound awesome by pretending that it's desireable but that doesn't make it so. Go for grass fed beef whenever possible.

Posted By skcup,

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