I'll Have the Possible Hate Crime with a Side of Fries, Please!

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What is the world coming to when you can't even walk into a McDonald's without the threat of bodily harm? Recently a woman was viciously beaten inside of a Baltimore area McDonald's while customers and employees barely looked up from their Super-Sized meals. After a barrage of kicks and punches, the victim even appeared to have a seizure while patrons urged the attackers to leave. No no, that's OK, don't have them stick around for the police. Hurry along deviants, I hear there's someone crusin' for a bruisin' at the Burger King down the street.

In the end the two teenagers, ages fourteen and eighteen, were apprehended and charged with the attack on 22 year-old Chrissy Lee Polis. Maryland authorities are now looking into whether the teenagers will also be charged with a hate crime based on the victim's gender identity, which is transgendered.

The attack, which occurred April 18, was caught on tape by a McDonald's employee (so who was watching the fryers?!), who has since been fired. Turns out the Golden Arches does not look too kindly on their employees recording acts of violence, uploading the videos on YouTube, and then justifying the attacks on Facebook. The canned employee took issue with the fact that the victim was transgendered, as evidenced from his Facebook post, which so eloquently said:

"Tha title of that video is a lie...That was not a female that was getting beat up...That was a man...He was dressed lik a woman...And he was in tha females bathroom knowing he was a man...And when told to get out tha ladies bathroom he got smart with everybody so tha two girls beat him up...it was not a girl...and the seizure was fake because as soon as tha police came he got right up."

The cameraman may not be the last of the employees to be reprimanded. The fast food chain is investigating the other employees to determine whether or not they acted appropriately. Not long after the video of the assault went viral, McDonald's released the following statement:

"There's no room for violence under the Golden Arches. We strongly condemn the videotaped brutal assault in one of our Baltimore-area franchised restaurants. First and foremost, our thoughts are with the victim, Chrissy Polis, as she recovers. Our franchisee continues to investigate the behavior and response of his employees. Appropriate action is taking place as warranted. We want to reassure our customers that your neighborhood McDonald's is a safe welcoming place for everyone. We share our customers' concern. We are doing everything possible to make sure the right thing is done."

Apparently the attack doesn't look like it will have an impact on business. "I'm scared to go in there now. I'll just go through the drive-thru," said Linda Bell, a McDonald's patron. Good to know that the scene of a possible hate crime won't stop people from getting their chicken nugget on.

Only one day before the Maryland McDonald's assault, a father of four was shot dead after breaking up a fight in a London McDonald's. The victim, who popped into the fast food chain for a hot chocolate, was told by one of the men involved in the fight that "You are gonna die tonight, you are not gonna see the morning." The victim was later followed into an alley and shot multiple times.

Has it really come to this? Must McDonald's now employ security guards in each of their restaurants and supply defensive weapons instead of toys in their happy meals? Somewhere, Ronald McDonald is weeping...

Which do you prefer?

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He she deserved it
Trannys disgust me

Posted By SMD,

@SMD So a human being deserves to get beaten and injured simply for being different? You must love it when blacks, females, Jews, children, redheads, and disabled people get abused too.

Posted By Rebecca,

@SMD no one deserves that hate everyone as he right to dress act and be who they wanna be thts the point if the constituion! no one deserves tht

Posted By lolbuttsecks,

that is messed up

Posted By babydoll_201042,

@SMD No one should go through that, ok?

Posted By Retrovinyl,

I think this happened before!

Posted By dylancayleb,

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