I Am Tired of These Motherf**king Smugglers in These Motherf**king Headlines

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About a month and a half ago we brought you news of a man who was caught smuggling 18 titi monkeys from Pero to Mexico City. Now it seems as if Samuel L. Jackson's biggest fan wanted to pay homage to the Bad Muthaf**ka the only way he knew how: by smuggling 97 snakes onto a flight.

"If you are a snake smuggler, press 1.For narcotics, press 2..."

The man, known as Anson Wong, an international wildlife smuggler (I wonder if that's what it says on his business cards) was detained in Malaysia at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport after he was caught trying to smuggle in 97 snakes and an exotic turtle.

"You might not want to open that can of nuts you also found..."

From the article:

"The reptiles were discovered slithering out of Wong's broken luggage on the conveyor belt at the airport. Inspectors from Malaysian Airlines found 95 boa constrictors, two venomous rhinoceros vipers and a mata mata turtle."

Awkward! Also, doesn't that turtle feel special? It totally should.

Which animal smuggler is ballsier, the dude who tried to sneak 18 monkeys into Mexico or the guy who got caught with 97 snakes and a turtle in his luggage?

Which smuggler had the bigger cojones?

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real life snakes on a plane fail

Posted By markn,

I bet that turtle was pretty nervous in there.

Posted By matt,

OMG! shouldn't he be scared at all??

Posted By quazia09,

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