Has Demi Moore Gone Off the Deep End?

Posted on by Jennifer Bardall (MrsJenB)
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Remember the Brat Pack? Aww, good times.

And as the good times went on and the 80's progressed and money was collected for sub-par films (seriously, St. Elmo's Fire...snore), some of the Brat Pack had a little too much fun.

Hey, if you were good looking and were pulling down that much money? And you were young? And it was the 80's? You'd probably make a naughty video as well. *cough* Rob Lowe *cough*

Hey, if one of the guys had to make one...good thing it was him.

But it's safe to say that everyone pretty much got the craziness out of their systems. They matured. Emilio Estevez started making movies about kids playing hockey. Ally Sheedy went all indie. Even Rob Lowe turned it around, and he was supposedly the biggest mess out of anybody.

And yet...

At least one member of that illustrious group of actors has managed to totally regress.

Of course I'm referring to Demi Moore.

Perhaps she's trying desperately to hold on to her lost youth. That would explain this guy.

Perhaps she's confused by the fact that even she thinks she looks nothing like a real human being anymore, and certainly nothing like she did when she wasn't made of plastic, silicone, and hair extensions.

Seriously - does this look like the actress from Ghost?

Perhaps she's that mom who wants so much to be considered cool that she parties with her kids and their friends. You know that mom. The one who walks around, glass of wine-from-a-box in hand, slurring about how she knows you're going to drink anyway so she'd rather it be at her house and hey, does anyone wanna do some shots?

She's like one of those hideous "If They Mated" things...come to life.

In Hollywood that may be considered cool. In my neighborhood it's considered pathetic and borderline creepy.

Now Demi is in the hospital. Her rep says it's because she's exhausted. Everyone else says it's because she's anorexic and has been doing "whip-its," aka huffing nitrous oxide, aka something only stupid teenagers do. There are also reports that she has a prescription drug problem.

What do you think about Demi? Do you feel sorry for her? Was losing Ashton the last straw? Or does she just need to get over the fact that she's almost 50 and, like, middle-aged?

Has Demi gone off the deep end?

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Debate It! 1

I don't know what the second option is, but I always loved that shot of Demi so I'm voting for it just on those grounds alone.

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