Get Ready to Fist Pump to Jersey Shore Reject's New Single

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One of the more hated Jersey Shore cast members, Angelina, has recorded an autotuneariffic single called "ImHot (and Grammatically Challenged)." Okay, I may have added the parenthetical part of the song title. Still, rudimentary grasp of the English language aside, you can't dispute the hotness of a desperate fame whore who uses trash bags in lieu of luggage, has slept with 75% of the male Jersey Shore cast, and left her used sanitary napkins strewn about the bathroom. Mmm, that girl is as hot as the burning sensation a gonorrhea victim experiences when urinating.

The most pathetic of the Shore's cast (a hard feat to accomplish, but she did manage), Angelina's new song starts off with a Staten Islandy "Hay guyzz, it's An-juh-LEE-nuh" and spills into a mess of autuned lyrics amidst a "beep beep boop boop doo doo doo" beat. Then some poor guy who is clearly being blackmailed raps(?) about the girl's apparent street cred:

"She used to be the bad-ass girl YEAHHHHH from the hood, but now she's bustin' all the doors down in Holl-e-woooooood!"

I didn't know Angelina was cast as the new Kool-Aid Man! This will easily be the highlight of her career.

From there, Angelina spends a couple minutes trying to come up with words that rhyme with or sound similar to "hot." So far she has "so hot," "top," "got," "lot," "stop," "pop," "shot," "spot," "drop," "shop," and oh god I can't listen to this song any more. Feel free to rape your ears and judge for yourselves:

I officially nominate "It's Angeleener like ya never seen her" as Most Forced Rhyme of the Year.

What do you think of Angelina's new song "ImHot"?

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It sounds like weird al.
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Posted By matt,

An oddly catchy tune!

Posted By Jon,


Posted By TaylorChyenne,

i bet most of you that watch that show have an I.Q of less than 110 am i right or am i right.

Posted By Aureliarox,

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