German Spies Armed with Explosive Sausages Failed in WWII

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Declassified British intelligence files reveal an oddly interesting plot from the Germans, which was completely devoid of intelligence. Armed with poisoned sausages, explosives, and extensive training, the ill-chosen group of saboteurs set out against the United States for WWII.

The Plan

The plan for the Germans was to use explosives to target locations - including railways, factories, public locations, and Jewish-owned shops - to perform "small acts of terrorism" in the United States. Using their training to make use of "easily obtainable commodities such as dried peas, lumps of sugar and razor blades," the star-studded group was launched in June of 1942.

Near Berlin, Germany, the group was trained in a German High Command school at Quentz Lake. Working on their personal histories and reading American newspapers and magazines, in addition to three weeks of intensive sabotage training, the plan was in full effect up to their departure in June.

The weapons options were limitless for the German saboteur. Jjust to give an example, after an American was offered a special headache-inducing cigarette, he'd then be given a German aspirin that had been poisoned.

However, the Germans failed to do one thing: choose a fearless leader.

The Result

By submarine George John Dasch and his team of three others reached Long Island, New York. After being stopped by a coast guard who neither detained them nor contacted the FBI immediately, the Germans were free to put their plan into effect, one that would "lead to a state of civil war in which Fourth Reich would re-emerge." The coast guard reportedly accepted a $260 bribe to keep quiet.

But out of nowhere, Dasch wanted to surrender. According to the report, Dasch was "ringing up the FBI in Washington from the Mayfair Hotel and saying that he was a saboteur and wished to tell his story to Mr. Hoover." Of course, that is FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover.

At first the FBI was skeptical, but Dasch gave a full confession and the location of his cohorts; they took him seriously when $84,000 was dumped on the desk of D.M. Ladd, Director of the Domestic Intelligence Division. The FBI took the whole gang. Dasch and another were deported, while the rest sentenced to death by way of the electric chair.

Lesson Learned

From this sorry showing from the German group, many lessons were learned. For starters, choosing a leader to sabotage another country is no easy task. But perhaps they should have included personality training. After all, leaders need to be headstrong in spearheading the re-emergence of the Fourth Reich and in offering poisoned goods to Americans. Luckily for the United States, this plan was very unsuccessful - and one that brings a wacky storyline to WWII..

Would you take sausage from a scary German?

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