Gambler Kills Himself While on Cruise, Presumably After Hitting the Buffet One Last Time

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I always thought that on-cruise suicides would be caused by Speed 2 being chosen for Movie Night, but some Chinese guy had to go and prove me wrong. The 51-year old man reportedly flung himself off the deck of the ship after he lost a whopping $386,000 in the on-board casino. I'd like to optimistically think that instead of taking his own life, he was merely recreating the end of Titanic and was acting as the diamond necklace the squeaky old lady drops into the ocean.

The victim was on board a 2-day party cruise ship that was headed back to Hong Kong. He gambled from after dinner until morning and racked up a pretty hefty debt (presumably one he couldn't afford to pay back), at which point he wandered around the ship in a post-gambling haze until he decided to take his own life.

I know Asians love them some gambling, but even this is a bit eyebrow raising. Nearly $390k in a matter of hours? Serious gambling addiction here. I hope his final bet wasn't "Hey, I bet you $386,000 that I can jump off the deck of this cruise ship and survive." If so, I don't think he can go double or nothing on this one.

Clearly this unfortunate soul did not follow Kenny Rogers' advice and didn't know when to fold 'em. Do you? 

Do you like to gamble?

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Gambling is too risky.

Posted By Volatile,

I'm not gambling because I don't like it. Though, I must admit that it create billions of dollars in tax revenue, just like the Sugarhouse Casino, the first casino in Philadelphia.

Posted By DeniseT,

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