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I don't know about you, but I absolutely love stories about crazy people taking on "the man" if for no other reason than they generally find truly inventive ways to do battle. What happened recently between one young lady and Google slaked my thirst. The search giant has certainly been vilified plenty of times, which is bound to happen when you are the biggest search engine provider in the world, but no declared enemy of the company has ever been quite this.......batshit insane.

Vera Svechina
, a former Russian stripper, was gained access to the internet giant's corporate headquarters yesterday after she obtained entry by...wait for it...following right on the heels of a blind employee who didn't know he suddenly had a stowaway. On this particular visit, Svechina dropped off a Russian book and a non-threatening note aimed at Google big wigs Sergey Brin and Larry Page. It's a possibility that the former dancing girl was delivering a peace offering as a little over a year ago she accused Google of attacking her by sending messages to her brain geared towards getting her to commit suicide. In addition, Svechina apparently believes that Brin and Page are actually murderers, having offed her poor father.

This is hardly the first company Vera has zeroed in on though. The Russian has actually acquired "stalker" status after she broke into the home Mark Pincus, Facebook gaming company Zynga's CEO, in order to call his children "ugly babies" and wishing them "all the worst." What was Pincus' apparent crime against the insane beauty? Svechina claims that Zynga was actually her family's idea and that Pincus stole it from her.

You just can't make up this kind of crazy.

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