FA Cup Magic Lives On!

Posted on by James Tennant (Jamesastennant)
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The FA Cup is the best knock-out cup competition in the world. Period. Nothing, in any sport, comes close to matching the magic you can experience in the FA Cup. With every soccer team in England (professional, semi-professional, and amateur) vying to win the cup, the competition inevitably throws up some interesting ties. For instance, last weekend we saw non-league Crawley Town take on possibly the biggest and most successful soccer team in England, if not the world, in Manchester United. The difference in quality between the two sides, on paper, is monumental.

However, one of the great things about the FA Cup is that we often see huge upsets. Smaller clubs beat the larger clubs from time to time in this competition, something neutral fans love to see. Unfortunately, this weekend we did not see any massive upsets, but we did see some unexpected results.

Manchester United's fringe players continued to show the world that they are pretty terrible as they only managed to defeat the aforementioned non-league Crawley Town 1-0...at home. This is a game where we should have seen United win by 10 goals (seriously...google Crawley Town and see just how vast the difference between the two teams is). Wayne Rooney waddled around the pitch ineffectively like he has done for much of the season, and half the Manchester team looked like they couldn't have made the Crawley squad. However, much to the country's annoyance, they did win and so they march on to the next round.

Along with Manchester United's disappointing performance, Premier League Arsenal only managed a draw with League 1 Leyton Orient. Bear in mind that Arsenal had just beaten Barcelona only a few days before. This was a fantastic result and Orient deserved the replay (although they will probably lose it).

The two best teams in the country humbled by lower league opposition. That is what the FA Cup is all about. Let's have some more!

Who has the better chance of winning this year's FA Cup?

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Debate It! 2

im say Red Devils All the way they beat arsenal this season and they will beat them again

Posted By XxHisLostFriendxX,

I hope they don't...not many Man Utd fans where I come from (the UK) haha.

Posted By Jamesastennant,

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