Duncan Jones Might Keep "The Wolverine" From Sucking

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The latest in the "X-Men" franchise, "The Wolverine," has had a challenging development cycle. First the original director, Darren Arronofsky, abandoned it because of scheduling conflicts. (Which is sad, because an Arronofsky-directed Wolverine would have been fascinating.) Then it had to be put on hold because most of its story is set in Japan, a country that has things on its mind right now that are somewhat more pressing than the filming of a superhero movie.

But now it looks like the project is back on track, and possibly with another strong director: Duncan Jones, offspring of David Bowie and director of "Moon" and "Source Code." He's number one on the studio short list, and he has personally confirmed that he's considering it. He has also, though, expressed some wariness about taking on such a big franchise, so file this under the "hopeful rumor" category for now.

Jones does seem like an excellent choice. He made the absolute most he could make of "Source Code," and "Moon" is right up there with the best of brainy sci fi. The guy is poised to be another Christopher Nolan. And "Wolverine" could be his "Batman Begins."

Duncan, if you're listening, do it! If you don't do it and it sucks, we're holding you personally responsible. You don't need that hanging over your head.

How cool would a Duncan Jones Wolverine be?

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is this a documentary for wolverines out in the woods?

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