Dude Claims to Own 84% of Facebook, Says "Stop Laughing, I'm Serious"

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Facebook founder and privacy settings troll Mark Zuckerberg was recently served, but not in the lighthearted break dancing sort of way. Z-berg (or "The Zuck" -- I can't decide which cringeworthy nickname I want to bestow upon him) is being sued by a guy named Paul Ceglia, who claims he owns a whopping 84% of the massively successful and crack addiction-esque social networking behemoth otherwise known as Facebook.

"It's mine! All mine!"

Ceglia insists that he drew up a two page contract with Z-Money back in 2003, nine months before Facebook was actually founded. Hmmm, nine months? Could Ceglia actually be Facebook's baby daddy? Time to call Maury!

Until this mess gets sorted out, Facebook and Zuckers are prohibited from transferring any assets. The Wall Street Journal has more details on the lawsuit, some of which are below:

In his suit, Mr. Ceglia claims he signed a contract with Mr. Zuckerberg on April 28, 2003, to develop and design a website, paying a $1,000 fee but getting a 50% stake in the product. The contract stipulated that Mr. Ceglia would get an additional 1% interest in the business for every day after Jan. 1, 2004, until it was completed.

A copy of the contract seen by The Wall Street Journal says it is "for the purchase and design of a suitable website for the project Seller [Mr. Zuckerberg] has already initiated that is designed to offer the students of Harvard university [sic] access to a wesite [sic] similar to a live functioning yearbook with the working title of 'The Face Book.'"

The date of the contract appears to conflict with previous accounts of the creation of Facebook. Mr. Zuckerberg built a predecessor to Facebook called Facemash in October and November 2003, but Mr. Zuckerberg didn't register the domain thefacebook.com until January 2004.

The Facemash (ugh, how unappealing does that sound? "I got Facemashed by 200 people!") predecessor to Facebook could be the key to dissolving the allegations and dismissing the lawsuit. Ceglia already sounds like a piece of work, as he's currently being sued himself for allegedly defrauding customers out of products from his wood pellet company. It was probably at this point in his life when he realized that being a media mogul is considerably sexier than boasting that you're a wood pellet fuel distribution tycoon; hence the Facebook lawsuit. 

What say you, This or That readers? Does the Facebook lawsuit have merit, or is this guy full of crap? 

Does Paul Ceglia's Facebook lawsuit have merit?

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Holy update, Batman! The latest news is that Facebook's lawyer is "unsure" whether or not Zuckerberg signed a contract with Ceglia that would give him an 84% stake in the company. Check out this article for more details: http://www.dailyfinance.com/story/who-owns-facebook-question-grows-as-company-attorney-is-unsure/19563153/?icid=main|aim|dl1|link3|http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailyfinance.com%2Fstory%2Fwho-owns-facebook-question-grows-as-company-attorney-is-unsure%2F19563153%2F

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