Curtain Call On The Lake Show?

Posted on by Robert Seitzinger (rseitzinger)
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The Dallas Mavericks are up 3-0 in their series against the Los Angeles Lakers, and that is a sentence that makes my little basketball-addicted brain explode. How has the Lake Show lost three straight games to Big D? We're talking about a perennial playoff choke squad on the verge of bumping the team that won the last two championships and was heavily favored to do it, ye hoops gods, did this happen?

I'll tell you how: Dallas wants it more. Los Angeles has clearly atrophied from all their success. I predicted LA to win in six, and I have more than an egg on my face at this point...I have a veritable omelette of bad selection on my visage, and there is no precedent for a team to come back and win a series when they're down three games in a playoff series (in other words, it's no longer a matter of if the Lakers will lose, but when they know, unless they defy all basketball laws and dig themselves out of this hole).

Dallas has shown incredible teamwork this week. They're overcoming their years-long hurdle of playoff struggles and are about to dispatch the two-time champs with a sweep. So far, the clip below with Ron Artest has been the most intensity the Lakers have shown all series:

However, I ask for your opinion: Will Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant and the rest of the Lakers recover as no team in NBA playoff history ever has, or will the Mavs turn the page on this particular chapter of Lakers glory? Should Artest forgo another hard hit, say "the hell with it" and just straight-up tackle Dirk Nowitzki on Sunday? Let me know what you think, fellow hoops fans.

Who will win Game 4?

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Wow. That was a glorious shellacking.

Posted By jarango,

Yeah, I actually have no idea. I don't follow Basketball.

Posted By lockheed40,

lakers have had way more chamionships so u should learn to respect them because next year the votes will be different

Posted By heller,

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