Chuck E. Cheese Sued for 5 Million Dollars, or Equivalent Value in Tokens

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A woman in San Diego is suing Chuck E. Cheese's parent company, alleging that the beloved restaurant, arcade, and all around family utopia is playing host to numerous illegal gambling devices. Denise Keller, parent of two, is accusing CEC Entertainment Inc. of using "casino-style gambling devices" to dupe children into squandering countless tokens in an attempt to acquire tickets.

Anyone who's ever been to an arcade knows the process, but for the uninitiated, it usually goes something like this:

Quarters to tokens to tickets to Laffy Taffy (quantities may vary)

Apparently Denise is upset because some of the games that allow children to attempt to win tickets are eerily similar to the games of chance found in casinos. The games only take a few seconds to play, and one of them even has a "roulette-style wheel." Clearly this is gambling at the highest level.

And you really don't want to see what happens when a kid tries to cheat.

The lawsuit goes on to state that the games "create the same highs and lows experienced by adults who gamble their paychecks or the mortgage payment." Except instead of winning and losing actual money, potentially doing irreparable damage to their lives and family, and spiraling downward into financial ruin, the kids learn a valuable lesson in why you should make smarter decisions with a few lousy arcade tokens.

Denise states that she's taken her 3 and 5-year-old children to Chuck E. Cheese on numerous occasions, and despite having every right to both monitor the type of games they play or boycott the establishment entirely, she somehow feels compelled to sue instead. The potential class-action lawsuit seeks $5 million in damages and restitution, or enough to buy roughly 1.7 million pounds of Laffy Taffy.

The whole lawsuit seems a bit frivolous, and it may very well be thrown out, but the fact that it was even brought up in the first place is kind of depressing. Does Denise Keller really have so little control over her 3 and 5 year-old that they can run up a token debt at the nearest Chuck E. Cheese? Are her kids stealing from neighbors so they can hit up a pawn shop, hawk some jewelry and head back to the arcade for another shot at cashing in on tickets?

Rather than demonize a cultural institution--albeit a dimly lit and slightly grimy one--maybe she should just teach her kids the value of a dollar or keep them away from this evil, evil place. Or, you know, she could just sue for 5 million dollars.

Is Chuck E. Cheese Hosting "Casino-Style Gambling Devices"?

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I don't know if the people who voted actually have young kids or not, or been witness to the mass hysteria of a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party... but they are not just arcade games. As lame as this lawsuit is, it is totally true. About 90% of their games are ticket based, not arcade games (like the kind you'd find in an actual mall arcade back in the day).

Same goes for places like a Dave & Busters... the goal is to win tickets by wasting tons of money, to then turn in for totally worthless-made-in-China-crap that will break by the time you reach the parking lot. At least at those Dave & Busters places there's better food and alcohol to numb the pain.

The tickets should be a reward for playing and having fun, not to start an addiction to gambling. Disagree all you want, but take some young kids there and you'll see... especially after wasting say, $10 in 10 seconds for only 50 tickets which will get you a plastic spider ring and a Pixie stick. Note: I didn't mention the barrage of germs, noise, crying and totally disregard to all human decency in which you want to just nuke the place after every visit.

Posted By AnubisibunA,

It's not gambling because the games are based on skill, not chance.

Posted By ahoth,

It is still gambling for a gambler's point of view. it's where i learnt everything

Posted By dylancayleb,

The're just arcade mode!

Posted By Oushavinge,

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