Chris Colfer Just Might Be the Most Powerful Member of the 'Glee' Club

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I'll admit it...I'm a Gleek. There, I said it. I can't get enough of New Directions' bubble gum-infused songs and ridiculously silly story lines. I've car-danced the heck out Don't Stop Believing. Please don't judge me.

And while the show is considered an ensemble, some of the actors' gold stars burn a little brighter. McKinley High's resident diva Lea Michele may be off offending teenage boys with her in-your-face cleavage and Matthew Morrision may be getting soccer moms all hot and bothered with his debut single, Summer Rain, but the real star of Fox's Glee is the fashion forward gay kid with the killer falsetto played by actor Chris Colfer.

While much of the early attention was bestowed upon Michele, Jane Lynch, and Matthew Morrison, it's Colfer who has quickly become the breakout star, winning both praise and awards for his portrayal of bullied teen Kurt Hummel.

"I'm jumping around like this because I'm so rich."

Colfer, along with TV boyfriend Darren Criss, graced the cover of Entertainment Weekly in January for an article examining gay teens on television. The actor has become the unofficial spokesperson for anti-bullying in schools, going so far as to address the topic head on during his Golden Globes acceptance speech. "To all the amazing kids who watch our show and the kids that our show celebrates," said Colfer, "who are constantly told 'No' by the people in their environments -- by bullies at school -- that they can't be who they are or have what they want because of who they are. Well, screw that, kids!"

In addition to his Golden Globe win for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy or Musical, Colfer also won a Screen Actor's Guild award and a Teen Choice award. Most recently he was named one of Time's Most Influential People of 2011, an honor he shares with other famous folks, among them Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg and Julian Assange, the man behind WikiLeaks. Suck it, Rachel Berry!

After Glee wraps filming for the season and the summer tour comes to an end, the actor will star in the coming-of-age comedy Struck by Lightning, which he also happened to write. This past week Colfer continued to expand his mini-empire by reaching a development deal with the Disney Channel to bring the children's book The Little Leftover Witch to the small screen.

At only 20 years old, it looks like Colfer has a long and successful career ahead of him. With his work in front of the camera, behind it, and in the public eye, the actor has proven himself to be a positive role model for teens around the world, gay or straight. Now will somebody go turn on Teenage Dream? That Darren Criss has the voice of a perfectly-coifed, blazer-wearing angel.

Who's the true star of Glee?

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Well Kurt is epic...Nuff said ;)x

Posted By Hey<3,

I mock the show relentlessly, but it's only because I'm ashamed to admit that I love it. I guess I'm a Glee bully.

Posted By Cobanerd,

I mock the show too, but that's because I think it's crappy.

Posted By Rebecca,

To be fair, he has a way more sympathetic role than Lea Michele.

Posted By lessthanthree,

Lea Michele is more talented But i do think Colfer runs the joint.

Posted By Olivia_1994,

I really can't stand Lea Michele's face. I think it's the teef.

Posted By Rebecca,

im a gleek :) i perfer kurt he da best :)

Posted By Ailbhe,

I love both of them, I can't choose. I'm what they call a "gleetard".

Posted By JaxValentine,

Glee sucks.

Posted By iYoshi ,

LOVE glee :D and yus Kurts truly the star and Colfer is just such a role model l3

Posted By bekka,


Posted By JadeMason123,

shes much more talented and is just a star and glee is amazing if you dont think lea michele is better thn HIM then your deaf.

Posted By JadeMason123,

No one said Chris is better they just said he had a better role than her. She's kinda a psycho bitch

Posted By GleefulFAngsSinkIn,

Well Rachel just wants it all and Kurt wants to share and has a better heart it seem like all the solos went to rachel in the past i like the newer ones now :)

Posted By thorton97,

ii love lea michele in spring awakening but her character in Glee is atrocious and her singing gets REALLY ANNOYING when she happens to get every solo. Chris Colfer is much more talented in all aspects and his character is the most lovable. Because of the awfulness of the Glee storyline right now, I find myself only enjoying the scenes with Brittany and Kurt in them.

Posted By LoveAndySamberg,

When Glee fist came out I was going towards the side of the haters but then I realised, there isn't much to hate there in first place. Sure the story lines may not be the most original or the most complex, and some of the characters are hard to believe (Like that Gym teacher (dont know many names, sorry)) but to be honest, the music is good (its not autotuned so you gotta give them credit), there are some good characters (like the one discussed in this article), i'ts got a pretty big fanbase and it is actually funny (well, I suppose that depends on your sense of humor)
So basically Im not a Gleek but I think Glee haters need to stop critisizing for the sake of critisizing. Just for once look at your core motivation for hating, and some of you will come to realise that you guys don't even have a core motivation for hating it, you havent even thought deeply about it yet to realise that you really have no reason to hate it as much as you do, because when it comes to reality, there isnt much to actually hate about the show. :)

Posted By polerberr,

GLEE is so cool!! love it when they sing, which is ALL the time! :D

Posted By christine_cote21,

Kurt is way better than Rachel, he has more feelings for others.

Posted By nari,

i love chris

Posted By fajarbaru,


Posted By Cozash,

Chris Colfer is aaammazziingg.

Posted By orangesrule,

@Rebecca just shut up and get off a glee based page if you're just going to hate....honestly no-one cares about your opinion and all is against you.

Posted By kakilaki6666,

@kakilaki6666 You realize I'm the one who published this post to begin with, right? Even though I don't like the show, I understand others do so I posted it anyway so you fanboys and girls could cream your pants over how amazing Glee and Chris Colfer are.

Posted By Rebecca,

Lea Michele's stupid spoiled-brat, meatless smile makes me feel all warm and tingly in the ol' punchin' fist.

That being said, I'm a closet Glee 'fan' (more of a 'sometimes I watch it' sort) but in this case, I'm definitely a Kurt fan. Definitely the best actor on the show, imo.

Posted By BambiBlue,

kurt is lush he's so sexy and cute i love him <3 xxxx

Posted By kurthummel,

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