Can't Get Enough "Glee"? Fox Has You Covered

Posted on by Doug Sinclair (dsinclair)
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Fox is saturating the world with Glee. There's a summer concert tour already in progress and an actual big screen movie of that concert tour coming to theaters this August. It almost feels like Glee is becoming High School Musical for people who aren't nine.

The movie will consist of performance clips from the stage show in which all the regular cast members sing songs from season two, mixed with "special moments involving the characters." "Special moments" sounds kind of dirty, but is probably (disappointingly?) just in-character skits to throw a little bit of comedy in with all the singing and dancing.

And naturally, the whole thing is in 3D. So it'll be just like you got to see the stage show except that you have to wear dorky glasses and the headache induced by watching will be slightly worse.

The concert tour wraps up in Dublin on July 2, and the movie drops on August 12 for a two-week run.

Which is king of the media saturating musicals?

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Disney should get lots and lots of royalties! it's like a rip-off from HSM

Posted By dylancayleb,

i love most glee than high school musical

Posted By lorraine,

GLEE GLEE GLEE wat makes me happy is GLEE and my fav character is Rachel <3

Posted By megarachelberryfan11,

gleee all the way

Posted By jackline_Arr,

Glee ?

Posted By rosefragance,

glee is much better cause it isnt song then words then song ect
if glee people are reading this is there any auditions for anything

Posted By kirsty(smiles),

movie??????????????? will it show in canada?????????? i love glee and high school musical!

Posted By Karefree,

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