Badass, Not Dumbass: 5 Movies That Made Charlie Sheen Praiseworthy

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Long before he was indulging in fratboy-esque shenanigans while cutting multi-grand checks to porn stars from my hometown, Charlie Sheen was compiling a film resume consisting of performances that range from heartfelt to downright goofy. These efforts now seem like ancient relics, but they actually serve as proof that he is much more than just another member of the Sheen/Estevez clan. Who knows, maybe a trip down memory lane with the VCR and the following flicks is just what Sheen needs to redeem himself. It would be an incentive to return his former badass glory...or he could just give Tarantino a call.

1. Red Dawn (1984)

In his feature film debut, Sheen played second fiddle to Patrick Swayze (like many stars-to-be in the 80s). However, in a matter of minutes he has to go from dopey high school letterman to full-fledged guerilla defender of the homeland as a flood of Soviet troops pour into his little Montana town. As absurd as it sounds (like the entire premise of the film), he holds his own against what was then the world's second most powerful (and somewhat buffoonish) army. Although he bites it in the end, this role prepared him for his next war adventure, courtesy of Oliver Stone. Plus, all together now: "WOLVERINES!"

2. Platoon (1986)

This picture speaks for itself. Both Sheen and his character had to endure a great deal of trauma that could've certainly broken a less-headstrong person. From the moment he steps off the plane during the opening credits to when he's flown away at the poignant ending, Sheen nailed the part of an impressionable soldier whose allegiance is torn between two superiors, but who isn't afraid to speak up (and attack) when he suspects foul play is afoot. Plus, if you dare him to kill you, you just signed your death warrant. Just the fact that he was the central character of one of the greatest war films ever made (and Best Picture Oscar winner) should really make you want to look at him now and scream, "Have some dignity man!"

3. Major League (1989)

Ok, so the glasses really don't help aside from allowing him to throw 100 mph-plus strikes. When we first see him in a sleeveless leather jacket, ripped jeans, and purely 80s haircut, and mention how he came from the California Penal league, you know he's going to be dangerous with a ball (among other things). His refusal to quit and his "take no shit" approach really make Sheen's Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn one of the film's most enjoyable characters. Once the Indians start winning, his reputation grows, women flock to him, and he sleeps with a teammate's wife. (Maybe his character's nickname was a warning sign of things to come.)

4. The Rookie (1990)

Sadly, Disney and Dennis Quaid have torpedoed any chance of this underrated buddy cop flick from being remembered my most mainstream audiences. Another tormented role, but this time as Clint Eastwood's protege, Sheen is quite convincing as a fresh detective who's constantly troubled by his brother's death while Eastwood and him are on the trail of a German car theft and chop shop ring. He gets tripped up by typical rookie follies while getting pushed around by criminals, which only incentivizes him to come back with furious vengeance. Those who crossed him end up serving their sentence with severe bruises or the morgue.

5. Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993)

BLOODIEST MOVIE EVER! A bold proclamation, considering this classic slapstick sequel features not even one pint of the aforementioned bodily fluid. Along with the original, Part Deux shows how hilariously comfortable both Sheen and Richard Crenna were with self-mockery. Quick with the one-liners as he was with a M-60, Sheen mowed down hapless bad guys faster than he does hotel rooms. Again, it's like we should've seen this coming!

How can Charlie Sheen redeem himself?

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The best way for Sheen to redeem himself is to.... wait, he needs no redemption! Charlie Sheen is AWESOME!

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Posted By matt,

Matt: I was guessing that he only has old copies of his movies buried deep in his closet next to another porn star.

Posted By wstuder,

He could rent a whole porn theater to watch his old movies!

Posted By matt,

hes already WINNING

Posted By purplelemurexpress,

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