Badass Ghurka Soldier Fends Off 40 Train Robbers and Saves a Teen from Getting Raped

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Bishnu Shrestha is a retired Ghurka soldier who fended off 40 train robbers and prevented an 18 year old woman from getting raped, and he did it with nothing but a big knife, a big pair of balls, and a lifetime of elite military training supported by a cultural legacy of martial valor.

The Ghurka are a multi-ethnic people from Nepal who take their name from the Hindu warrior saint Guru Gorakhnath.

This could be the last thing you see if you are a train-robbing $%*&tard.

Before I continue, doesn't the term "warrior saint" seem like an oxymoron? Aren't saints supposed to be cloistered, god- (or gods-) fearin' folk who pray and have visions and feed the hungry? Don't be a naif! Christianity has plenty of warrior saints, too. Most famous is probably Saint George, well-known from the rallying cry in Henry V: "Cry, God, for Harry, for England, and Saint George!" George is best known for, get this, slaying a dragon, saving a maiden, and giving the finger to Emperor Diocletian, for which he was beheaded after taking a WHEEL OF SWORDS and several lashings like un jefe.

Anyway, some Ghurka history is in order, so bear with me. Back in the 1700s, the Ghurka used their sheer badassery to conquer gaggles of people and land to unify all of Nepal under one king. Eventually, they were conquered by dentally challenged Brits, and further down the road they became mercenaries (not officially, but that's what it boils down to) for the Indian and British armies (there are also a couple regiments of Ghurka badasses in the Nepalese Army).

Ghurka soldiers are notoriously tough as nails. The Ghurka combatant traditionally wields a large, curved blade called a kukri, and it is with his kukri that Mr. Shrestha performed the following feats of pure awesome:

A kukri. "Now that's a knife."

  • killed three attackers while simultaneously saving a teen from rape
  • injured eight more
  • made the other twenty-nine d-bags $%*& their pants and run away faster than tweens to the center of a rumored sighting of Robert Pattinson.
Check out the full, albeit highly embellished, story at Ben Thompson's totally necessary Badass of the Week. Twenty full minutes of balls-out mayhem later, the picture below shows the only major injury Mr. Shrestha sustained:

Bishnu Shrestha, badass incarnate.

There's no way around it: This man deserves high praise, and never a lonely night. The more of this dude's genes that get pumped out into this world, I say the better. Reflecting on the story, however, I ask myself one important, and by that I mean highly disturbing question.

Let me set it up for you:

Growing up, I always figured that if it came down to it, say, if my family were murdered or something, I would train up, make my body hard, and kill every last one of those bastards responsible in the most heinous way possible, no matter the cost. In my early twenties, I started to think seriously about training for this possibility. I thought deeply enough about it that it got weird. Just in time, I came to the following realization, which I'll apply to the case of this Ghurka man's man.

How do you get enough experience to do something so brash, so violent, that it scares the piss out of 40 organized and bloodthirsty robbers? How do you work up the blind, white hot rage that keeps you going even when major arteries in one of your hands have been severed? You need practice. And how do you get practice? I mean good practice. Not by slapping your buddies gingerly with a foam-tipped staff, American Gladiators style. You need to get the snot beat out of you. You need to train under people who've trained under people who have actually maimed or killed human beings. The closer you get to the real blood, the better. Actually having killed human beings in melee combat is probably ideal (as practice for killing people, not in general).

When I was going through that phase in my twenties, I started training in martial arts. I would get pummeled, and I would pummel other people, three to five nights a week, and sometimes on Sundays. But it was expensive, both in time and money, to get that kind of training. And it hurt like a sonofabitch. And I became an arrogant, macho bastard who could only keep other arrogant, macho bastards as friends. Once I started to wonder earnestly about what I'd do when I "grew up," I got to thinking: How the hell could ordinary working people ever acquire skills as professional fighters or killers? Unless you are a genetic freak, good luck. It is complex state societies like ours that have the extra capital and know-how to pay people to specialize in violence. So I beg the question: If you want more people like Bishnu in the world...don't we need to train more elite killers?

That brings us back to the Ghurka, Bishnu's cultural and genetic birthright. What do you think the Ghurka did to conquer and unite all of Nepal, ask people nicely if they wanted to pay extra taxes to a distant king? Hell no. The Ghurka, like any elite fighting force, have succeeded in combat by committing their share of atrocities. Most notable is the Amritsar Massacre in the northern Indian city of that name. On April 13, 1919, thousands of people had gathered, in part to protest the British colonials, in the other part to celebrate a religious festival. Brigadier-General Reginald Dyer ordered Ghurka troops under his command to open fire on the crowd, which included women and children. When empty, the soldiers reloaded, then continued firing. More recently, a Ghurka soldier fighting for the UK in Afghanistan was removed from duty for beheading a downed Taliban fighter (military reports say it was to aid in confirming the insurgent's identity).

In sum, the Ghurka are some brutal sonsabitches. If they weren't, they wouldn't be so damn good at what they do, and that includes our hero of the day. Even if he never personally committed atrocities, and could boast like Arnold in True Lies that the people he's killed were "all bad," the potent cultural lore to which he was privy was likely founded in no small part on the blood of innocents.

It is a disturbing twist on that age-old question: must there be evil to necessitate, or in this case facilitate, the good?

So I ask you again, in the form of a ToT.

Is a specialized elite fighting force necessary to produce heroes like Bishnu Shrestha?

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Not necessary, but it doesn't hurt.

Posted By lockheed40,

I think they are necessary.

First, it is human nature to want to protect your lily pad - meaning other societies with the means and resources will have such forces.

Second, it is human nature to want to either take or control other's resources - meaning the other societies will try to take yours.

Third, you are correct in that most of a society's population will not have the necessary resources or physical capabilities to train themselves and require protection from those who want to control or take their resources - similar to how you took the precaution to train yourself to protect your family.

Posted By The Other Thing,

we need em, who else but rangers, green berets, seals, and force recon can we depend upon to remain ready in the cold of night to do dirty deeds so we can sleep in our sleep number beds and eat bons bons. Did my dues, loved it. PTSD sucks however.

Posted By 11thzone,

I think we do for all of the above mentioned reasons but just ask yourself how King David started out in life.

Posted By Meave,

We absolutely have to have them. They are the ones who take care of the distasteful tasks we don't want to deal with.

Posted By matt,

wait a minute......wooww woow wow sir! WE HAVE NEVER BEEN CONQUERED BY ANY FOREIGN NATION ON EARTH till date including the British. Get your facts straight before you commit such a heinous historical murder, sir. We did have a war with the British in 1814 A.D. , but it was a bloody stalemate for months that caused a heavy, unprecedented casualties on the British , upon which they WISELY DECIDED TOP PROPOSE US A CEASEFIRE AND START RECRUITING THEIR FORMER ENEMIES. i.e the gurkhas into their own army, a trend which persists till this very day.

Posted By abhi2009,

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