Arizona Birther Bill So Bad Even Governor Can't Stomach It

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How do you know when a bill is truly poorly written? Is it when you are unwilling to accept any number of perfectly legal documents like a certificate of live birth as proof of citizenship but you will accept a baptism certificate? Or is it when one of the worst governors the country can vomit up actually decides to veto it? Arizona has led the charge when it comes to crazy, racist, and just plain dumb legislation over the last couple of years and their birther bill was no exception.

Even Jan Brewer was all "OMGWTFBBQ"

The real surprise in this particular political story isn't that the Arizona legislature once again put forth a bill that was short on common sense and long on pointless additions; rather, the shocker was that it was even a "bridge too far" for Jan Brewer. Had the bill passed, Arizona, it would have been the first state in the country that required presidential candidates to prove citizenship in order to appear on the ballot. Where this story really takes a hilarious turn though is that if someone could not find their birth certificate, they could then supply documents including baptism and circumcision paperwork to take its place. How exactly baptism proves that a person was born in the United States is apparently a mystery that won't be solved thanks to the veto.

Brewer says that another major factor in her hesitance to allow a bill that would have absolutely cemented the state as the laughingstock of the country was that when there was any kind of dispute as to whether or not a particular certificate qualified as proof that a candidate was indeed an American citizen, Arizona's secretary of state would have the final say. In a bit of "pot calling the kettle black," Brewer said that she was afraid allowing something like that might lead to purely political manipulation of the state's rules and regulations.

Who is right on the Arizona birther bill debate

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They have a good idea, but they still need a bit of tweaking....I understand the ideals that the Birthers have, I just don't understand some of the logic they use. I mean, how does a circumcision certificate prove anything other than you had been cut? However, there should be some sort of checks in place to make totally sure that a candidate for the presidency is natural-born. Honestly, I can't stand the fact that there is a Kenyan in the Oval Office at this time! Keep working AZ, maybe you can make yourselves look a bit less retarded next time.

Posted By Mr.Truther,

"Honestly, I can't stand the fact that there is a Kenyan in the Oval Office at this time!"


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