Are TV Chefs Responsible For Our Health?

Posted on by Jennifer Bardall (MrsJenB)
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Butter. Bacon. Cream.

What do these three things have in common? They're what makes life worth living, that's what.

And who better to share the glories of these gifts than our good friend Paula Deen. Right?

Hey y'all! I love butter! And money!


Wait, what's that? She has Type 2 Diabetes and shouldn't be cooking that kind of food anymore? And she's a greedy monster for making a deal with drug companies, all the while shilling her fat and calorie-laden food to the masses?

Mmmm. Trans fats.

If you feel that way, you're not alone. There has been a deluge of backlash in the wake of Deen's announcement of her health issues. For years, people have questioned how bad her health must be if she eats the sort of food she prepares on her Food Network shows. Deen herself has addressed these naysayers, claiming in the past that her cholesterol was just fine despite the speculation of her critics.

Of course, she never mentioned Diabetes but then again, no one asked, did they? *wink*

Her harshest and most vocal critic, Anthony Bourdain, has basically reacted as if Deen just murdered a million fuzzy kittens. On Twitter, he announced that he was going to go into the leg breaking business and start selling crutches.

Of course, the man's a former hardcore drug addict and smokes like a chimney (and, having spent much of his cooking career in a French restaurant, probably melted his own fair share of butter when he was actually cooking and not making a career of being snarky and judgmental), but it's easy to criticize others and forget your own bad habits. Right?

I used to cook.

If you feel that Paula's health and habits have nothing to do with the general public, you're not alone there, either. She has always been the first person to urge moderation, reminding critics and fans alike that she doesn't eat big, fatty meals three times a day - and neither should anyone. After all, just because you know a recipe doesn't mean you need to make it all the time.

And doctors haven't found definite link between a high-fat diet and Diabetes. It would be easy to blame Diabetes on diet alone but there are other factors like age and activity levels that go into the equation. It just so happens that Paula wasn't exactly active anywhere but in front of the stove, is over 60, and is a smoker.

Okay. So she threw a ball once.

But Americans have never been much for moderation or for taking responsibility for their own choices. So it's easier to blame a TV cook than to put down the fried chicken and go out for a walk, for God's sake.

After all - if you can watch the Food Network, you can also watch Dr. Oz. Don't act like nobody told you better.

Seriously. I'm disappointed in you.

Should celebrity chefs take their fans' health into consideration?

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You are responsible for yourself.

Posted By Writtenin1981,

you are responsible for yourself..and who really makes what they see on these shows anyway? dont just go down the street to burger king.
its pretty much well..entertainment.

Posted By jonaheim88,

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