Are Robot Nazis Taking Over Our Board Games?

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In a world where you can play Monopoly on your computer with people from all over the world without having to deal with all the set up and other nonsense, it's easy to see why one of the biggest board games of all time would be worried. The world of Monopoly has been seeking different ways to keep the game interesting to a new generation of game players. There has long been a trend of personalized Monopoly games; I wouldn't be surprised to find out that there was one for every town in America at some point. Hell, there's even a Monopoly card game.

The Monopoly card game saves all the time and heartbreak

Now there's an even bigger idea in the works. With the technology available to kids these days, why not add some computer technology into the game? That's right, the newest version of the game is expected to have a computerized device (we'll just call it a robot) that gets rid of all the pesky parts of the game. You don't need to roll those annoying dice anymore. The robot will do it for you. You don't have to count your money. The robot has an app for that. You don't even need to hold on to your property cards. The robot knows what you own and how much all the rents are. You can still move your piece, but you don't have to be able to count because the robot will tell you when you get it wrong.

The original version of Monopoly

With a robot controlling the outcome of your game, what's the point in playing? How am I supposed to stash away a hundred or two for a rainy day (and to keep from paying it when I land on that tax square)? How do I grab a little extra money when my opponent runs to the bathroom? (You know you do it too, so stop looking shocked.) It's like a little computer Hitler trying to control the outcome of the game. I bet that Nazi robot even picks the winner ahead of time.

Is this the robot-powered future of board games or the beginning of the end?

Wait, there's an even bigger concern here. I know that the Terminator movies claim that SkyNet was part of a military operation, but what if the real start of sentient robot minds is here with Monopoly? I wouldn't worry just yet, but if your game comes with a Terminator head for the robot game master, then you might want to smash it right away rather than take any chances.

Who do you want running your Monopoly game?

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To Hell with robotic Monopoly!

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