Announcing the Grand Prize Winner of Our 10 Days of ToTs Twitter Contest!

Posted on by Rebecca Kelley (Rebecca)
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Well, it's Monday, folks, and you know what that means. It's time to announce who won a Macbook Pro for participating in our 10 Days of ToTs Twitter Contest! We had over 4,700 entries for the grand prize, not to mention a bunch of comparisons created, but I'll break down the stats and slam you with some interesting factoids tomorrow. For now, let's unveil the winner!

But's about a little refresher of who won our daily iPod Touch giveaways. (Yeah, that's right, I just Seacrested you with an "...aaaafter the break" cliffhanger. Deal with it.)

Day 1 winner: takeyourmarx for "What do you think about fixing others' grammar?"

Day 2 winner: liamvandekamp for "Whose wardrobe inspired who?"

Day 3 winner: netmeg for "Which update is the raspberry seed in your wisdom tooth?"

Day 4 winner: cm_cahill for "Is Farmville an awesome game or does playing it make you uber lame?"

Day 5 winner: AnubisibunA for "Best use of Wil Wheaton's hair?"

Day 6 winner: tzxsean for "Which keeps Ronaldo happy in his football club?"

Day 7 winner: daddytyme for "Car flags...which is more lame?"

Day 8 winner: DinaJ for "Which would you rather be without for 24 hours? The Internet or food?"

Day 9 winner: fusion for "Would you rather have a bird sleep on your face for one year or get 1 hour of sleep every night for 6 months?"

Day 10 winner: zanvia for "Public toilet -- do you sit right down or do you cover it?"

Once again, congratulations to our daily contest winners!

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for. We tracked contest entries using RowFeeder, which has a contest option that allowed us to randomly generate a winner. After we weeded out some ineligible bachelors (folks who entered the contest after the close date, etc), we pressed our luck, hoped for no whammies, and clicked.

The winner of a brand-new 13" Macbook Pro is...OnyxFlatto! Congratulations, you're the lucky grand prize winner of our contest! [cue the fireworks]

To everyone who participated in This or That's very first contest, a huge and sincere thank you for entering, tweeting, and creating ToTs. If you entered the contest but didn't win anything, don't despair! We'll be giving away t-shirts to some of our participants who went above and beyond to help make our contest super tasty awesome.

Lastly, don't forget about This or That just yet -- next up is our very first tournament, coming soon for your entertainment. Help us decide what is the Greatest Action Movie of All Time:

A little design mockup for you to get excited about

PLUS we'll be launching yet another contest very, very soon, not to mention new site features to make This or That bigger and better. Stay tuned because we've got a lot of exciting stuff heading your way! In the meantime, congrats again to all of our winners!

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Congrats winner dude!

Posted By AnubisibunA,

Congrats OnyxFlatto!

Posted By rrolfe,

Congrats!! :)

Posted By zanvia,

Wow! I can't believe this. I just woke up from sleep and see my name announced as a grand prize winner. I slap me face 3 times and it's true, not a dream. Thanks everyone. :-)

Posted By OnyxFlatto,

Congratulations OnyxFlatto

Posted By barifromsd,

Hi Rebecca, how can I claim my prize?

Posted By OnyxFlatto,

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