Alternate Titles for the Best Picture Nominees

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Revenge of the Jedi. Indiana Jones and the Quest for Atlantis. Ernest Goes to Rehab. Every great movie (and let's face it, those Ernest movies were pure gold) has, at some point in its development, a working title or alternate title. Here, then, just in time for the ceremony tonight, are the alternate titles for the 2011 Best Picture nominees.

1. Black Swan

Originally titled Two Hot Lesbians Chow Each Other, Plus 80 Minutes of Filler, the studio opted to go with a less inflammatory name.

2. The Fighter

Christian Bale thought he'd have a whole new career with the original title, Lose 100 Pounds in Two Weeks with Christian.

3. Inception

The working title for this Christopher Nolan mind-breaker was Lots of Slow Motion and, I Don't Know, Something About Brains.

4. The Kids Are All Right

If You Liked Black Swan, We've Got Lesbians Too was the original title for this one, but unfortunately the lesbians were neither young nor hot.

5. The King's Speech

To make the title more searchable, the studio wanted to go with The Crazy Chick from Harry Potter and Some Other British Folks, but Warner Brothers threatened to sue.

6. 127 Hours

This one had several early titles: One-Armed Bandit, Keep Your Armies in Your Sleevies, and Buddy Can You Spare an Arm? At one point, with only a brief plot outline in hand, the studio considered The Rick Allen Story.

7. The Social Network

Originally titled Facebook:The Movie, studio execs were afraid that people wouldn't be willing to leave the real Facebook for two hours to see a movie about it.

8. Toy Story 3

The First Animated Movie to Make You Cry Since 'Up' and You Totally Thought They Were Gonna Die in the Junkyard, Didn't You? were two titles considered for this one.

9. True Grit

Taking into consideration Jeff Bridges' diction and speech patterns, this one was almost called Yosemite Sam Rides Again.

10. Winter's Bone

Original title: No One Will Ever See This Film.

Which would have been a better title for 127 Hours?

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Great alternate movie titles, especially for Facebook: the movie.

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