Airline Eff Yous and Photo Snitching: The Art of Quitting Your Job

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Multiple news sites have been buzzing about a JetBlue flight attendant who got fed up with how crappy his job was and bailed out while the plane was waiting to pull into a terminal. The story sounds too incredulous to be true, but it sounds like flight attendants may quickly becoming the 21st century Disgruntled Employee poster child (shove over, postal workers -- you haven't done anything crazy in decades).

What allegedly happened was flight attendant Steven Slater asked a passenger to sit down because the plane hadn't finished pulling up to the gate yet. The passenger ignored him and pulled the carry-on down from the overhead compartment, accidentally whacking Slater in the head. He demanded an apology, words were exchanged, and the passenger flung an "eff you" at him. Frustrated, Slater fired up the PA system, dropped an F-bomb at everyone (especially the doucher who hit him with the suitcase), activated the plane's emergency slide, grabbed two beers, and slid away from the job he very clearly loathed. Slater was eventually arrested at his home and charged with reckless endangerment and criminal mischief. Talk about a way to quit your job.

Although what Slater did was reckless, it was also pretty hilarious. Sites are already labeling him a folk hero and applauding how he exited with style. His behavior was like something out of a movie -- it's not every day you see an employee lose his cool like that and peace out Jerry Maguire-style. Slater's behavior has brought into question how difficult and stressful it actually is to be a flight attendant. Their glory days in the sky can now only be seen on episodes of Mad Men; a more accurate depiction nowadays is a tired, worn out-looking employee who may or may not snap at you or respond curtly when you complain about flight delays or try to sneak out of your seat when the seat belt sign's illuminated. With all airlines bleeding more and more money (hell, Spirit is now charging for carry-on bags), the industry's employees are definitely feeling the stress. Perhaps the rude passenger was the straw that broke Steven Slater's back. He was mad as hell and was not gonna take it anymore.

"Put your bag back in the overhead bin!!!"

On the other side of the fence is a hoax from, but it's nonetheless a creative way to quit your job. They put up pictures of an actress who pretended to be an assistant who quit her job by emailing a series of photos to her coworkers explaining her decision to quit. The reason she was quitting was because of her (fake) boss Spencer. Apparently being his assistant had "been a special hell," and that she only put up with him because she wanted to be a broker. What pushed her over the edge was when she transferred a call to him and heard him refer to her as a HPOA, or Hot Piece of Ass, to the person on the other line.

I'm fine with viral marketing, but it iks me when it's entirely made up. There are a lot of ways to be creative without being deceitful. In any case, the hoax was a success, and the "assistant"'s photos were spread around like wildfire.

The flight attendant and the broker's assistant sure know how to quit in style, but in your opinion, who quit their job more creatively? (Thanks to This or That user Michelle Lowery for creating the ToT used in this blog post!)

Who quit more creatively?

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Update: the assistant quitting by way of whiteboard photos is a hoax from I've updated the post to reflect this piece of news, but you can still vote on the ToT!

Posted By Rebecca,

Aw, thanks for the mention, Rebecca! :-) Yeah, read about that being a hoax today. Pretty pathetic if the only way you can generate traffic to your site is by lying.

Posted By MichelleLowery,

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