Nigeria Filing Charges Against Dick Cheney As Soon As You Send Over Your Bank Details

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Nigeria plans to file charges against former Vice President and current haunter of children's dreams Dick Cheney for a $180 million bribery scandal. Within the next few days an arrest warrant will be issued for Cheney via Interpol. I'm guessing they just have to check the Old Country Buffets near his homes in Maryland, Wyoming, and Virginia at around 4 pm in order to find him.

Officials from five companies (Halliburton, KBR Inc., Technip SA, Eni SpA, and Saipem Construction) will have charges brought against them along with Cheney for allegedly paying $180 million in bribes in order to win a $6 billion liquefied natural gas contract. In February 2009 KBR and Halliburton promised to pay $579 million for bribery charges in Nigeria between 1994-2004, but it looks like they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar again. 

Do you think Cheney will take any heat for this scandal? It's not the most evil thing he's done by a longshot, but remember that Al Capone finally got put behind bars for tax evasion and not from decades of old-timey illegal gangsterin'.

Will Cheney get taken down by Nigerian bribery charges?

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Sounds like the recent FIFA bribes... ha ha

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