7 Epic Words to Replace the N-word in Huckleberry Finn

Posted on by Benjamin Chabot-Hanowell (Brash Equilibrium)
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A few months ago, NewSouth Books announced that they would publish a new edition of Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn, in which the N-word was replaced by "slave." The move prompted an exasperated editorial by our own Rebecca Kelley. Guess what? The publishing world is at it again. Only this time, the N-word will be replaced by...


That's right. Robots. Why robots? Why the hell not? As the editors themselves admit, robots are so hot right now. I mean, the most recent robot-related movie made 30 times more cash than the most recent Huckleberry Finn movie! More importantly, the Kickstarter fundraising page for the project has raised five times as much money as the editors intended. Seriously, they raised over $30,000. As someone who will soon launch a Kickstarter page for his own project, all I can say is I'm gonna find a way to incorporate robots into my proposal.

Robo-Jim, designed by www.dayoftherobot.com

But why stop with robots? I think these people are onto something. Why don't we roll out an endless series of Huckleberry Finn editions, each replacing the N-word with a different one of equivalent awesomeness to "robot"?

The next edition is obvious:


The editors of the "robot" edition would contend that dinosaur doesn't fit with the message they're trying to convey. See, in science fiction, the word "robot" is associated (like slave) with involuntary servitude. In answer, I point out that there is a blog out there entitled Dinosaur Slave Lawn Ornaments (I also point out that is one of the most offensive blog titles I've yet encountered, and I am a sick $#%&. Also, I should note--for people offended by the present article--that its whole point is to satirize the injustice that NewSouth Books' edition is doing to a book that, in part, is a critique of racial prejudice. (So get over yourself, you self-righteous prig). Also, my daughter loves dinosaurs, and I want her to read Huck Finn early.

From robot and dinosaur, we should logically extend our Huckleberry Finn library to include...

...dinosaur robots.

Okay, class, observe the inequality below:

dinosaur robot > dinosaur + robot

It's sort of like how hard-boiled eggs are pretty good, and sausage is #$@!ing awesome, and so are deep-fried things, but when you put them together, you get a Scotch egg, which is hands down the tastiest way to trigger a coronary and die. Don't believe me about the dinosaur robots? Well get a load of this.

So awesome, it will make you cream yourself.

With regard to how awesome the picture above is, I rest my case. (No, it doesn't matter that they are dinosaurs equipped with tech armor and laser beams, not dinosaur robots.)

I think it's time we got back to heart of the issue. The N-word is a racial epithet. But, like our Kickstarter-funded editors, we want an epithet that will reap the revenue. What recent children's story has made a boatload of cash?

Oh, my god, I got it:


Now, all we need to do is change the title to Huckleberry Potter and get J.K. Rowling on board.

Mark Twain
Mark Twain: Rolling in his grave right now.

And while we're expanding our readers' market, have you noticed that most of these suggestions are either boyish or gender neutral? It's time we exploited the gender stereotypes that keep toy companies in business. It's time we replaced the N-word with...


Get a load of this passage from the book of Job (39:9-12):

"Will the unicorn be willing to serve thee, or abide by thy crib? Canst thou bind the unicorn with his band in the furrow? or will he harrow the valleys after thee? Wilt thou trust him, because his strength is great? or wilt thou leave thy labour to him? Wilt thou believe him, that he will bring home thy seed, and gather it into thy barn? [my emphasis]"
That verse suggests two things: (1) The Bible reads like The Last Unicorn in parts; and (2) unicorns could be your servant. The next logical step, just trust me here, is that unicorns are slaves. Here is further suggestion to that effect:

unicorn slave

We should also cater to a market that fashions themselves as oppressed and downtrodden (when they are really trust fund dependent and pretentious). Of course, I'm talking about...


There's no question about it. People hate hipsters (here is a particularly extreme example of hipster hatred). Their hatred is entirely different (and infinitely more understandable) than the hatred some light-skinned racists bear for all dark-skinned humans. Once hipsters organize themselves and begin marching for recognition, "hipster" will become a stigmatized epithet. That means it will be time to use it in place of the N-word in Huck Finn, and replace it with something else to ignite yet more controversy.

Anyway, you must know by now I was going to do this:

hipster unicorns.

Someone has purchased the domain hipsterunicorn.com. This is what you'll find there.

The picture above motivates the following system of inequalities:

0 > hipster + unicorn > hipster unicorn

Okay, enough from me. It's your turn. Down what mucky path shall we travel next in brainstorming words to replace the N-word in Huck Finn?

What should replace the N-word in Huckleberry Finn?

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We can just replace it with Mark Twain.

Posted By lockheed40,

Since the book is public domain, ConAgra should just make their own print run of the book where the word is replaced with "Slim". So now the book is about Huck Finn and his friend Slim Jim. Sales of Slim Jims will go through the roof.

Posted By jogden,

Jogden: back and better than ever.

Posted By Brash Equilibrium,

I was moving to Korea and taking a novel writing class simultaneously, which REALLY cut into my article writing time (plus I was having a bout of writer's block), but now I'm back baby!

Posted By jogden,

$*#& yeah!

Posted By Brash Equilibrium,

we should do guard dog because that is strong, does work, and what ever you feel like telling it to do! plus they are cute when young then just not so much as they get older.

Posted By mochacinaandginger,

fuck changin it publish as it was written

Posted By cap,

does anyone know witch movie the third picture is? i would be so thankful for answers!!

Posted By djgs,

No doubt, Walking carpet!!! jajaja

Posted By Mandet,

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