7 Celebrities with Unfortunate-Looking "Whistle Teeth"

Posted on by Rebecca Kelley (Rebecca)
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When you're famous, there are certain expectations for you to look as impeccable as possible. You go on a macrobiotic diet, exercise five hours a day, wax every hair off your body, exfoliate your skin with silver diamond cream that your never-nude husband may or may not be using to secretly spy on you. And, of course, if your chompers aren't perfectly straight, you shell out big bucks for a new smile and flash those perfect pearly whites on the red carpet. It's all a part of the job.

For many celebrities, however, I've noticed an annoying trend. Rather than go the Tom Cruise or Gwen Stefani route and put up with braces for a while, a lot of actors and actresses opt for the quick fix and get clunky veneers clipped onto their seemingly unacceptable teeth. The result is a row of teeth that looks too big and thick for the celebrity's mouth, which creates a horsey overbite look and makes me wonder if they have to struggle to not sound like Holly Hunter when they talk (hence the term "whistle teeth"). Need an example? Here are 7 celebrities who are rocking the denture look. Their smile may or may not actually be natural, but it sure as hell looks fake.

1. Lea Michele

I don't watch Glee, but maybe Lia Michele's Chiclety overbite helps push those notes out so she can sing on the show. I bet a dentist can confirm my theory.

2. Michael Sheen

Actor Michael Sheen's teeth aren't really veneery so much as Britishy. He looks like a live-action version of a Wallace and Gromit character. Still, his comical overbite didn't hold him back from macking on Kate Beckinsale and having a daughter with her. He's apparently dating Rachel McAdams now -- dude's got big-teethed game.

3. Carrie Fisher

Apparently Princess Leia is only 54 years old, but decades of drug abuse and electroshock therapy treatments have aged her beyond her years. Maybe the drugs ruined her teeth, because now she looks like she's got a set of dentures that are too big for her mouth and cause her to whistle-speak.

4. Hilary Duff

Bigger ain't always better, Ms. Lizzie McGuire. As my late grandpa would say, she looks like she could eat a watermelon through a hole in a fence. At least she's married to a hockey player; maybe he can hook her up with a new, more appropriately-sized set of teeth.

5. Wayne Newton

Aside from the fact that Vegas entertainer Wayne Newton has apparently aged into an Asian woman, he's got some sherioushly whishley teeth going on. At least they come in handy when he sings "Danke Schoen."

6. Emily Blunt

She's a striking actress who suffers from an unfortunate case of veneeritis. Here's an older picture of her where her teeth look normal:

Now a more recent photo of her flashing her too-thick and too-big veneers alongside her husband, John Krasinski:

I thought her old teeth looked fine. Maybe she thinks so, too -- she often poses for photos with her mouth closed, so perhaps she has buyer's remorse.

7. Gary Busey

When it comes to whistle teeth, nobody carries a tune more easily than Gary Busey. He is the Grandmaster of Thick Teeth. Those chompers are so huge, they could tear the endocrine system out of your body.

Your thoughts on veneers?

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Kelley is BACK!

Posted By Brash Equilibrium,

With a lazily written post!

Posted By Rebecca,

What is it with the tooth obsession?

Posted By Karla,

Looks like Emily Blunt's veneers were an act of self-preservation - I don't think natural enamel could withstand Krasinski's hay gnashers.

Posted By Cobanerd,

Don't take this the wrong way Rebecca, but your pick might look a little veneery. ;)

Posted By lockheed40,

Love it.

Posted By MisterJeremiah,

@lockheed40 Heh, no way, I've got a couple major snaggles. Never had braces.

Posted By Rebecca,

I cry nerdy, nerdy tears every time I see Carrie Fisher now. Clearly she succumbed to the Dark Side.

Posted By AllenScribe,

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