5 Countries You Need to Stay Away From

Posted on by James Tennant (Jamesastennant)
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Every year we all dream of a perfect destination for our vacation. You know what I mean, some tropical destination that has long, golden, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and fresh, amazing local food. Now you want to go away on a trip, don't you? Well, if you're planning that big getaway, make sure to avoid these 5 problematic countries unless you want to end up having the vacation from hell.

1. Egypt

Just like English aristocrats found out on their holidays in France during the French revolution of the 1790s, it is probably not the best idea to visit a country in the middle of a power upheaval. While I fully support the Egyptians in their attempt to change their leadership, and I doubt you would be beheaded for going there, I think the Egyptians themselves would be the first to say not to bother traveling to see the Pyramids just yet.

2. Albania

Why would you want to go? What is in Albania except stolen cars (mostly Mercedes, apparently) and a country still trying to rebuild after the fall of its extreme Marxist state? It is on the up, but give this place maybe 20 years before you consider it. Yes, it might have some decent scenery but so does Italy, Croatia, France, Greece, Austria...the list goes on.

3. Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe and his violent, murderous tendencies are probably the biggest reason not to enter Zimbabwe. The deadly wildlife might be another, along with the extreme heat and abject poverty. Does it sound like your dream destination yet?

4. Mexico

If you like taking risks with your life, visit Mexico. If you don't, stay away. To be fair, there are some great places to go in Mexico and plenty of tourist resorts where you can feel somewhat safe at night. However, any country that has one of the highest kidnapping and murder rates in the world is out of bounds for me.

5. Slovenia

There is nothing wrong at all with Slovenia. The countryside is immaculate, the people are lovely, and the food is amazing. Why should you stay away then? Well, because I love its lack of tourists and I want to keep it that way. In fact, scratch everything I just said. Slovenia is horrible. Don't go. (Please.)

Which country is more dangerous?

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I don't usually hear much about Zimbabwe but by GAWD Mexico!! Its ALL I hear about (along with Egypt.)

Posted By midnalover99,

Yeah Zimbabwe has had its fair share of murders, corrupt politicians and ethnic cleansings.

Posted By Jamesastennant,

If you're putting Mexico on that list, make sure you put Brazil too, because the latter country's murder rates are actually higher than the former's (Brazil's murder rate was 22 per 100,000 people in 2008 and Mexico's was 12). I don't know Brazil's kidnapping rates (nor more recent murder rates so I can't compare them) but I'm sure they're pretty high as well.

Posted By Neanderthal,

Such a pitty you're adding Albania to the list... It's a quite bizarre list... I'm a tour guide in Albania and i meet travellers (real ones) from all around the world and they talk so nicely about Mexico, Slovenia and they're amazed by Albania... Come and have a look first... Not from a coffee shop at the airport... Bring your Mercedes as well... None will even have a look at it...

Posted By Albaniantrip,

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