5 "Weekly" Songs Older (and Cooler) Than Rebecca Black

Posted on by Wes Studer (wstuder)
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Most of the music I listen to is older than me, and Rebecca Black is just the latest reason why. The other night I unfortunately stumbled upon her unforgivable abomination against the greatest day of the week, and after about 30 seconds or so I started feeling an uncomfortable tingling in my face. I quickly closed the tab, pulled up iTunes, clicked on a random song, and felt instantly relieved.

Then I got to thinking about how there are several actually enjoyable songs that are about or reference days of the week that have been in existence long before Ms. Black's spawning. So before western society drives off a gargantuan cliff with Black being one of the many sets of hands on the wheel, here's an uplifting reminder that "weekly" tunes use to be at least somewhat heartfelt!

Manic Monday - The Bangles (1986)

Prince wrote this tribute to the day everybody hates, and it had been rumored that he gave it to The Bangles as a means to woo lead singer Susanna Hoffs. Instead he was really just a fan who wanted to help out fellow artists, and he did so in nearly chart-topping fashion. This became the group's first hit single and paved their path to becoming one of the premier female bands of the 80s.

Tuesday's Gone - Lynyrd Skynyrd (1973)

Hearing the first few bars brings to mind Adam Sandler straddling everything from a mop handle to a gas pump, as this was used at the beginning (and end) of the poor man's Caddyshack known as Happy Gilmore. Basically, it's "Free Bird" but shorter, slightly less epic, and focuses on a man moving on from his girlfriend, who happens to be named after the second day of the week. There was a train track near Skynyrd's recording studio; hence the frequent train references. Plus, based on the amount of time he says "train roll on," lead singer Ronnie Van Zant sounds like he's dying to drive that locomotive right past Wednesday and straight into the weekend.

Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M. - Simon & Garfunkel (1964)

Only folk gods Simon & Garfunkel could make post-sex regrets after a small-time robbery sound upbeat with a heavy dose of sense-focused imagery. Plus, it's only a matter of time before each verse becomes an eerie foreshadowing of Charlie's "Sheen-naningans."

Thursday - Jim Croce (1973)

There were numerous (and fairly obscure) options to pick from for a day that is nothing more than a nagging tease on our weekly stamina, among them a catchy slacker tune by Harry Nilsson, haunting ones by David Bowie and Donovan, and one that was in Japanese. Then I came upon this catchy cut from a late legend that was part of his posthumously-released top 5 album I Got a Name. The gal pal at the center of this tune had a complicated relationship with Croce because they saw themselves in different lights, and yadda, yadda, yadda. Basically it's a frustrating situation, but it's not like the title didn't warn us.

Friday I'm In Love - The Cure (1992)

19 years ago (six before Black was sucking precious air), the most appropriately named band ever (in this case) showed how to pay tribute to the day that the average person looks forward to. To call Friday lovable would be an understatement, but to cast the days that come before it as practically useless speaks to the irritation that most of us feel as we pine for the day that makes us fall "in love" with almost anything.

Rebecca Black is...?

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To say nothing of Except for Monday (a country song nonetheless), Saturday Night's Alright or Sunday Bloody Sunday. Seriously, Rebecca Black may have ruined Friday for the rest of my life.

Posted By Cobanerd,

i agree with cobanerd so much! rebecca black is the worst retard in all of the world. isn't it already enough we have justin bieber? curse you justin bieber, by the way

Posted By awesomeness12,

I personally like "Thank God It's Monday" by NOFX, but I think I'd be fooling myself if I believed anyone else has ever heard that song ever. Good article!

Posted By Timhotep,

Thanks Timhotep!

Posted By wstuder,

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