5 Superpowers I Have Always Wanted (and That You Probably Want, Too)

Posted on by James Tennant (Jamesastennant)
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As a young kid I used to dream of getting into an accident just outside a nuclear power plant or possibly being bitten by something weird and wonderful so that I would gain superpowers. I used to dream of fighting crime and being loved by millions for saving the planet on a constant basis. As I have grown up, I have come to realize that these dreams are out of my grasp, but that won't stop me discussing the best superpowers I wish I had (and that you probably wish you had, too).


Being able to fly would be great. Holidays would be a lot cheaper, carbon emissions would be down, and the whole world would be accessible from wherever you are. Other benefits would include being able to wear a cape without people laughing at you and always having the ultimate party piece at any gathering.

Super Strength

I'm not sure there isn't a man alive who wouldn't want this superpower, or a woman, for that matter. Being able to lift anything, carry anything and intimidate anyone would be very useful indeed. I'm talking to you, bullies who were mean to me as a child! All joking aside, this has to be one of the most useful superpowers knocking around. From Superman to the Green Lantern, this power is a staple in every superhero's locker. If you don't have super strength, you aren't looking so hot.

Super Speed

Quick! you need to get to the store to pick up all the alcohol for the party and the guests are arriving in five minutes, and the game is on in three minutes and the store is closing in two minutes! Okay, or maybe you have something more important to do, like stop a speeding bullet or rescue someone from a fire...either way, super speed has it covered.


Never pay cover at the bar again. In fact, never pay for anything ever again. Invisibility would turn even the most righteous people into thieving super-villains overnight. I would be a very mischievous little scamp if I had the ability to turn invisible, but I won't tell you what I would get up to in case it ever happens.

Control of the Weather

There was one crazy lady who could do this, and her name was Storm. I think she was looking at this whole power the wrong way. My name, should I ever gain this power, will be "Nice Sunny Day with No Clouds and Only a Slight Cool Breeze." I would be loved by all. True, I wouldn't be intimidating nor would I be very good in a fight against a supervillain, but no one would want to be evil in a world where you have perfect weather all the time. I think Storm was just a little insecure and in need of a better PR guy.

Would you rather live in a world where

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Even in a world filled with super powers, we'd still need Bicycle Repair Man! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eCdIe0wdvU

Posted By lockheed40,

What thats cool... I would have the power of turning into anything i want, like, a shapshifter.

Posted By mitten4,

Both scenarios have there Strengths and weaknesses but i want my super powers!!!! >:)

Posted By Olivia_1994,

if every one had superpowers there'd be vandles every where, so the world world be a flaming mess

Posted By Ted Miles,

Super powers would be awesome. I would want telekinesis...you know, moving objects with your mind...or pyrokinesis...setting things on fire with you mind....hmmmm, now I am not so sure of the ones that I want!

Posted By Mr.Truther,

I always thought Rogue had it good - she didn't have to rely on one polarizing power but could sample everyone else's at will. I guess there was that pesky residual voices-in-your-head thing, but I already talk to myself, so not an issue.

Posted By Cobanerd,

If everyone had superpowers the world would be awesome!

Posted By Jamesastennant,

i would control peoples mind or control time

Posted By MelodramaticLiar,

@Ted Miles: The world is already a mess, lol

Anyways, I wouldnt want EITHER of those scenarios! Id rather live in a world where nobody had super powers except for me :P (and I like the idea of shapeshifting too :P)

Posted By polerberr,

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