5 Companies That Make Facebook Look Like the Diet Coke of Evil

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Facebook has been in the news a lot lately -- not only is The Social Network raking in big box office bucks (over $132 million worldwide thus far) as well as critical acclaim for depicting the back-stabbing origins of one of the fastest growing websites in history, they've also been scrutinized for handing user information over to advertisers and for privacy setting concerns. Everyone's all too keen to hold a magnifying glass over Facebook and watch the company squirm while fending off torch-wielders who think that letting an advertiser know their favorite TV show is Two and a Half Men is the most diabolical thing a company can do (to be fair, it's a pretty crappy show). Tech companies as a whole get the word "evil" thrown around all-too often, which is pretty eye-rolling considering the truly evil corporations that exist.

Let's face it, today's tech business leaders are the Diet Coke of evil. Stealing someone's idea for a website or "covering up" the new iPhone 4 design flaws is laughable compared to causing the biggest marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry or creating a genetically-modified food monopoly and bullying small farmers into going out of business. Here's a small sample of companies who are more evil than most tech companies will ever be: 


Chevron has had more than their fair share of scandals. In the 1950's they were convicted of criminal conspiracy for buying up streetcars and replacing them with buses. They dumped 18 billion gallons of toxic water into Ecuador's rainforests, polluting the area and sickening residents. Chevron has also polluted Richmond, California with 11 million lbs of toxic waste, contaminated New Hampshire's state water supply with fuel additives, and violated the Clean Air Act on numerous occasions. They've also caused numerous oil spills, but that seems to be par for the course for oil companies nowadays.

Dow Chemical

This chemical company has wreaked much havoc over the course of its existence. Their Rocky Flats plant contaminated its surroundings in Colorado with leaked radioactive waste and plutonium, leading to a class action lawsuit. They supplied napalm and Agent Orange to the US military during the Vietnam War, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths and disfigurements. Dow's responsible for the world's worst industrial incident, the Bhopal disaster, in which a pesticide plant in India leaked methyl isocyanate gas and killed/injured over 550,000 people. Even boobs aren't safe from Dow -- they've been sued numerous times for manufacturing silicone breast implants that rupture.


Blackwater is a tactical training facility based in North Carolina. They're the largest of the U.S. State Department's three private security contractors and currently operate under the new company name "Xe," presumably because they can't wash the blood out of their more well-known moniker. Blackwater employees wreaked serious havoc in Iraq, massacring dozens of civilians as well as illegally bringing in hundreds of automatic firearms, some of which are believed to have ended up on Iraq's black market. They've violated federal law hundreds of times by unlawfully provided armaments, military equipment and security training to foreign nationals. Their mercenary activities have resulted in hundreds of deaths across the globe.


This agriculture biotechnology company may be "potentially responsible" for contaminating 56 spots in the United States. In addition to pollution, they've had numerous lawsuits brought against them for poisoning their employees and damaging their health. Their seed products are genetically modified and chemical-resistant, and they don't flower or grow fruit after their initial planting, rendering them unusable after one season. Farmers using Monsanto's products are therefore forced to buy new seeds each year, and any farmers whose crops are accidentally cross-contaminated with Monsanto's proprietary seed are subject to litigation. The company engages in huge lobbying efforts to prevent restrictions on genetically modified food labeling, and they're currently involved in an antitrust investigation of their seed monopoly.


Pfizer is the biggest-selling pharmaceutical sales company in the world. In 2009 they pleaded guilty to the largest health care fraud in US history for illegally marketing some of their drugs. It was the fourth time they've been busted for that in 10 years. They've sold asbestos-coated insulation products and defective heart valves, suppressed negative drug study results, and promoted drugs for non-approved issues. Pfizer also killed more than 50 children in Nigeria and caused countless medical and physical deformities when they administered an experimental antibiotic to 200 youths during a cholera, measles, and bacterial meningitis outbreak. They've limited access to AIDS medication in Africa and have been criticized for how they test their AIDS drugs. Oh hell, let's throw in one more: they're also one of the biggest polluters in the country.

De Beers

This diamond magnate has illegally monopolized the supply of diamonds and conspired to fix, raise and control diamond prices. They used to buy conflict diamonds in three African countries until the United Nations Security Council launched an investigation in 2000. De Beers forcefully relocated the Bushman tribe in Botswana so they could mine for diamonds in that area. This persecution and bullying included cutting off the tribe's water supply, taxing and fining them, and dispensing beatings and torture. A diamond may be forever, but so is a tarnished reputation thanks to decades of shady business practices. 

These are but a few of the hundreds of companies that have brought more harm to the world than a few privacy violations on a social networking site. For a more detailed list, check out Something Awful's compilation of most evil companies according to the site's forum users, and after you peruse through the Rolodex of Malevolence, you may want to rethink throwing the word "evil" around when complaining about tech companies who create minor usability problems.

How evil is Facebook in the grand scheme of things?

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the movie "The Social Network" somehow at some point made me feel Mark is an asshole!

Posted By tzxsean,

What, no Halliburton?

Posted By netmeg,

I didn't say these were the 5 most evil, just 5 evil companies. Halliburton is definitely up there, but there's only so much depressing research I can do before needing to bail out.

Posted By Rebecca,

Ahh.. yes... De Beers was founded by Cecil Rhodes (rhodes scholar fame). This man was seriously the devil incarnate.

Posted By matt,

I rated Facebook 'not that evil' but I wanted to add in the qualifier so it is 'not that evil yet.'

Posted By lockheed40,

funny how before facebook came along everyone was too afraid to post real names.

Posted By Aureliarox,

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