5 New Apple Products to Look Forward to in 2011

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Get pumped, because Apple has a lot in store for 2011! For all you Apple fan boys and girls out there, here are 5 Apple products to get excited about this year.

1. iPad 2

According to All Things Digital, Apple will hold an event on March 2nd, where it is expected to announce the next generation iPad. From the article:

"Analysts expect the iPad 2 to be thinner than its predecessor and feature an improved display, as well as front-facing camera and Facetime video chat support. And some reports suggest it will be powered by one of Qualcomm's multimode chips and will run on both GSM and CDMA-based networks around the world."

reports that the iPad 2 will feature an anti-reflective screen for better viewing in the sunlight. In following last year's release, the device will likely be released in March or April of this year.

2. iPhone 5

Some quick details on the iPhone 5:

  1. It will likely be released in June or July or this year, in line with previous generation iPhones
  2. It will be available in white for all of those disappointed iPhone 4 users
  3. A company called Wintek may supply the touch panel, which will replace the company TPK Touch Solutions

Some sources speculate that the iPhone 5 will feature a smaller screen than previous models. TechCrunch had reported last week that Apple may be releasing an "iPhone Nano," which would be one-third the size of an average iPhone. These rumors are unconfirmed, however, and highly unlikely. A smaller screen would force developers to redesign their applications to fit the new display size, something Apple would not desire.

If anything, the iPhone 5 will be lighter than previous models, but likely the same size.

3. New iMac and MacBook Pro

Numerous sources have been speculating on a new MacBook Pro coming soon. According to MacRumors, the refreshed laptop will be announced this Thursday, although significant production will not take place until March.

What new features will the MacBook Pro have?

  • According to BGR, the new laptops will have larger glass track pads than the current generation MacBook Pros.
  • "The OS on the laptops will be loaded to a separate (internal) 8-16GB SSD while everything else will remain on the regular hard drive. There will be options for just SSD drives but the base models will feature regular hard disks with the SSD combo for the OS."
  • The "SSD/hard drive hybrid" will likely improve system performance, start up time, and battery life.
  • Finally, the new MacBook pro will be approximately a half a pound lighter than previous models.

Other sources speculate that the new laptops will feature improved connection technology that will replace USB and Firewire. The technology is called Light Peak and is significantly faster than USB 3.0. Apple has declared that we can expect the new technology to surface in early 2011. Well, it's 2011, and I won't be surprised if we see Light Peak technology on the new laptops.

According to rumors, we can expect an upgraded version of the iMac as well, although the exact release date is unknown. The refreshed iMac will likely feature much of the same technology as the MacBook Pro, including Light Peak Technology. We may even see new options in screen size. That's right; just when you thought they couldn't get any bigger.

4. iPad 3?

"But wait!" you protest, "Apple hasn't even released the iPad 2 yet!" Sadly, your logic is no match for Apple's outstanding zeal. According to TechCrunch, Apple is planning a "big fall surprise" that is "likely" to be the iPad 3. Sounds like a bunch of unfounded speculation, but other sources corroborate the information. AppleInsider reports that the iPad 3 will "deliver a Retina Display-like quality" and double its resolution to 2048x1536. These enhancements were allegedly planned to be featured in the iPad 2 but never were due to "limited manufacturing yield rates." Many believe that the iPad 3 will thus be released at the end of the year, finally integrating these lost features.

5. iPod 3D

MacRumors reports that several readers were asked in a market research survey whether or not they were familiar with a product called the "iPod3D, which plays movies in 3D and requires special 3D glasses and just became available to buy recently."

Obviously, no such product currently exists, although there is 3D technology that could make such a device possible in the near future. I'm not sure, however, why anyone would want an iPod that plays 3D movies...to each his or her own, I guess.

What product are you more excited for?

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