4Chan Tries to Send Justin Bieber to North Korea

Posted on by Rebecca Kelley (Rebecca)
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4Chan, you've done it again. Recently, inexplicably famous tween pop singer Justin Bieber launched an online contest asking voters to choose which country he should perform at next for his world tour. His mistake was that he placed zero restrictions on which country users could vote for. As a result, 4Chan flooded the site with votes for the communist nation of North Korea.

North Korea in the lead

So far, North Korea remains #1 in votes with about a day and a half left in the contest. Obviously, Justin Bieber is not obligated to perform in the meaner of the two Koreas if the country ends up winning the contest, but it's still pretty amusing to see the unintentionally hilarious outcome. If anything, this turn of events has taught us two things:

  1. You really need to think through your contests (especially Internet contests)
  2. Don't mess with 4Chan

When planning a contest, you really need to think up any possible loopholes and cover them up if you can. It's far too easy for a group of users (or even a single user) to hijack a contest or alter it in some way to steer things off-course for laughs or manipulate it for personal gain.

More importantly, 4Chan is pretty damn powerful when they band together and set their collective minds on a target. Justin Bieber seems to be Public Enemy #1 as of late, with constant 4Chan attacks being targeted towards him. Recently he's had his Last.fm channel hacked, fake search queries pushed to the top of Google, YouTube videos hijacked, and false rumors/.facts. spread, all courtesy of 4Chan.

Okay, question time! Does 4Chan need to lay off the Justin Bieber pranks (not that they will, but lemme pose the question, anyway)? I mean, aside from the douchetastic haircut, the kid's a harmless 16-year old pop star, for crying out loud. I couldn't name a Bieber song if you held a gun to my head, so I can't even vouch for how annoying his music is.

That haircut is pretty idiotic...

It just seems like the Internet thing is to hate on/make fun of whatever is rabidly popular (see also: Twilight, hipsters, and Facebook), even if you have no association with them and they don't affect your life in any way whatsoever. The current Justin Bieber hate storm seems to fall in line with that trend. Sure, he's adored by annoying, screeching teenage girls, but nobody's forcing you to rock out to his music while wearing a Bieber Fever baby tee, right?

What do you think, does 4Chan need to take a break from Bieber bashing?

Does 4Chan need to take a break from Bieber bashing?

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