15 Reasons We'll Remember "Macho Man" Randy Savage

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Wrestling lost a true icon May 20th when Randy "Macho Man" Savage died in a car accident. With his gravel-filled rasp, signature cowboy hat with shades, and immortal "OH YEAH!" catchphrase, Savage transcended wrestling and became part of pop culture. Here are some of the greatest moments of his legendary career.

15. Smacked Down By Spider-Man

Need a wrestler with a great look that every wrestling fan will instantly recognize? Enter Macho Man as "Bonesaw" McGraw, the one opponent of Spider-Man's brief wrestling career.

14. An All-Star for All-Time

THQ's WWE All-Stars is an arcade-style wrestling game that puts today's superstars in the same ring with legends such as Andre The Giant and Hulk Hogan. When it was time to film the commercial introducing the concept, THQ called on WWE's most acclaimed pitchman.

13. Finding a Diamond in the Rough

Wrestling veterans are tasked with helping up and coming stars become big names themselves. Written off by the WWF as being past his prime, Savage found new life in World Championship Wrestling. He revived age-old feuds with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, but found a new opponent in "Diamond" Dallas Page. These two brought the house down everywhere they battled and earned Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Feud of the Year in 1997.

12. Reinstate The Macho Man

Career matches are an in-joke with wrestling fans. I've lost count of how many "retirement matches" Ric Flair has lost. After Jake "The Snake" Roberts crashed his wedding, Savage made his forced retirement an important angle. Savage lobbied WWF President Jack Tunney and implored fans to do the same. Macho Man then tore it up with Jake Roberts in a feud that was classic, over-the-top WWF storytelling that included Savage getting bitten by a live cobra.

11. Savage and Flair Bring Sex Scandal to the WWF

Ric Flair and Randy Savage were TMZ before there was a TMZ. Flair's character was the ultimate womanizer. Savage was insanely jealous where his wife Miss Elizabeth was concerned. Enter Flair with doctored photos claiming he had been with Liz before the Macho Man. Two of wrestling's best turned their characters all the way up, and the matches were great as well.

10. Taming George "The Animal" Steele

It's a classic story. Gorgeous girl dates incredible jackass. Socially-challenged guy who eats turnbuckle padding develops a crush on gorgeous girl who's trying to let him down gently. Socially-challenged guy who eats turnbuckle padding gets beat up - a lot. Sorry Animal, she's just not that into you.

9. The Manager Challenge

The WWF introduced Savage as the hottest free agent in wrestling. All the popular managers of the era, including The "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, were battling for his services. Macho Man would shun them all, and after seeing Miss Elizabeth, no one blamed him in the least. Wrestling fans, do you miss real managers as much as I do?

8. Macho Madness

Could anyone rock shades, a pink and black checkboard suit, and a crown like Randy Savage? Macho Madness had a dual meaning. It embodied the passion wrestling fans had for Savage and the paranoid promo style that he delivered. Everybody was out to get Savage, his lady love, and his title. It's not paranoia if they really are all out to get you, right? Who else could deliver a promo with Deebo from Friday in a steel cage with a straight face?

7. Snap Into It!

You can't even think of some celebs without thinking about the products they endorse. Wilford Brimley is now immediately identified with "Die-Uh-Beetus" supplies. George Foreman is now more well-known for grilling than fighting. Randy Savage is impossible to remember without recalling his campy but funny Slim Jim commercials. The beef jerky with questionable contents never had a better spokesman.

6. Love, Macho Man Style

Yes, Randy's character was a jerk to Miss Elizabeth most of the time. But on rare occasions he would show his softer side, and the whole audience could see how much they loved each other. In true wrestling fashion, the pair had already been married when they tied the knot on camera. It was still a great payoff for one of wrestling's best romantic angles. And her response is so precious.

5. His Ultimate Challenge

Sometimes, a federation isn't big enough for two wrestlers. Then, the career match comes into play. The Wrestlemania VII tilt was a classic confrontation between two of the biggest personalities in wrestling history. It's also one of the best matches in the career of both Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior. The man then known as "Macho King" lost the match, but left the arena with every fan's respect.

4. The Mega-Powers Just Couldn't Last

No team composed of the two huge egos of Hulk Hogan and Macho Man could logically last for very long. That's especially true since Savage thought everybody was after Miss Elizabeth. In Macho Man's defense, he knew we couldn't trust Hogan before the rest of the wrestling world learned it. This Wrestlemania V main event is another one Savage lost, but he stole the show in the process.


3. Miss Elizabeth, the First Lady of Pro Wrestling

If wrestling is a soap opera (and it is), then Randy and Miss Elizabeth were the Luke and Laura of this form of entertainment. Her quiet and compassion was the polar opposite of his manic, paranoid, wild-eyed persona. She loved him in spite of himself, and he loved her in his own incredibly jealous way. Here she tries to stop the inevitable Mega Power implosion. You can almost see "He's going to kick your butt, Randy" in her eyes.

2. NWO - Yeah!

Vince McMahon almost made a company-ending mistake in deciding Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan weren't main eventers anymore. The pair ended up in WCW and reversed their dynamic. Now Savage (still borderline psychotic) would be the good guy while Hogan turned his back on all the fans to form the New World Order.

1. Macho Man and The Dragon Steal the Show

This match wasn't the main event of Wrestlemania III, but fans and critics alike have come to call it the best match in Wrestlemania's storied history. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat was the ultimate hero, one of the few wrestlers who never worked as a villain. Savage was at his despicable, hateful best. According to the story, he injured Steamboat's larynx so bad, The Dragon couldn't speak. Savage, of course, reveled in this. These two were in their prime, and George "The Animal" Steele factored into the match as well.

Did you like Randy Savage better as a face or a heel?

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