10 Days of ToTs Day 9 and 10 Recap

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It's our last contest recap (minus our big grand prize winner reveal, of course)! As our 10 Days of ToTs Twitter Contest drew to a close, we saw an influx of comparisons and entries, making it difficult to pick the final two iPod Touch winners. Ultimately, we had to whittle it down and crown our two favorites. Here are our picks from the final two days of our contest:

Day 9 ToTs

Which Dome Suffered More Carnage?
AnubisibunA asks which dome endured more destruction, the Thunderdome from Mad Max or the Hurricane Katrina-ravaged Superdome. Thus far nearly 60% of you think that the Superdome suffered more carnage.

Who's the Best Lawyer?
Methinks AnubisibunA is emerging as one of our power users! He created yet another ToT, this time asking who's the best lawyer, Harvey Birdman or Bob Loblaw from Arrested Development. My loyalties side with anything AD-related, but the rest of you have split the vote between the two choices.

Would You Rather Play Rugby with Gorillas or Polar Bears?
Raycolejr wants to know which menacing mammal would be a preferable rugby opponent. 55% of you would rather go toe to toe with a gorilla, probably assuming there's a slightly less chance of getting mauled horrifically than if you were pitted against a gigantic polar bear.

Which Animal is Worthy of the Last Seat in Noah's Ark?
Tzxsean asks whether Paul the octopus or Keiko the whale (Keiko's already dead, but whatever). 3/4 of you feel that the psychic, soccer team-picking octopus deserves a spot on the ark.

Better Excuse to Get Out of Work?
Saintjo wants to know what's the better excuse for not going to work, being bitten by a zombie or captured by pirates. It's a close race, but so the pirate abduction has the slight edge with 57% of the votes. 

Who Was the Best Star Trek Captain?

It's the battle between Kirk and Picard, and coffy73 is forcing us to choose. Even though Kirk was the original gangsta, he's only earning 24% of the vote, making Picard the superior captain.

Who's the Bigger A-Hole?
Conqui25 asks who's the bigger a-hole, reality TV "star" Spencer Pratt or an actual horse's ass. A whopping 90% of you think the dude with the creepy flesh-colored beard is the bigger jerk.

Which Would You Rather Have?
GrOvEbUg throws a witch nose and werewolf hands at us and asks which one we'd rather have. Over 3/4 of you choose the werewolf hands -- I'm guessing they'd involve a lot of shaving, but at least you'd be stronger!

Ultimately, we decided to award fusion the iPod Touch for coming up with quite an interesting ToT. He asks whether we'd rather have a bird sleep on our face for for an entire year or get one hour of sleep every night for six months. Such an odd either/or! So far over 70% of you have opted for the bird on your face. Congratulations, fusion!

Day 10 ToTs

What is More Annoying in the Morning, a Jackhammer or Your Furious Mother?
Man, it looks like someone's fed up with his mom. Weinwalker wants to know which noise pollution is worse, construction equipment or your angry mother yammering and complaining. In a shock to no one, 60% of you opted for the aggravating mom as the worse offender.

Who Kicks More Ass, Jack Bauer or James Bond?
Weinwalker pits the two action heroes against each other in a battle for the "Biggest Bad-Ass" title. Surprisingly, over 60% of you feel that Jack Bauer is tougher than the iconic James Bond.

Is Legal Marriage a Worthwhile Institution?
Fldomer wants to know if it's still worth it to legally get married. I'm surprised that 80% of you don't think it's worth it -- maybe a sign of changing times?

Is It OK to Facebook Friend an Ex You Haven't Talked to In Years?
Time for some social networking etiquette! Fldomer wonders if you should just friend your exes or if it's too awkward. 60% of you agree that friending an ex on Facebook is just too awkward to be worth it.

Worse Job, a Deodorant Tester or a Horse "Whisperer"
Jalbrecht2000 throws two crappy jobs at us and asks us to pick which one's worse. First up is a deodorant tester, meaning you have to stick your nose in people's armpits and take a big fat whiff. Next is a horse, uh, "specimen" collector, which is pretty much how you'd picture it. A touch choice for sure, and so far the vote is split 50/50.

Do You Hold It In or Cut the Cheese in a Group of People?

Onetwomany wants you to be honest -- do you crop dust or are you polite enough to pinch your cheeks together and refrain? 27% of you actually admitted to letting loose, which I find funny and somewhat admirable (as long as they don't smell).10-days-twitter-9-10.jpg

Bigger Lying Scheister?
AnubisibunA wants to know who's the bigger liar, fake psychic Miss Cleo or oil spilling BP. 88% of you are unsympathetic to British Petroleum and feel that they're the fatter liarfaces.

If You Could Only Either Read Books or Listen to Music, What Would You Choose?
Ohheyamandaa offers up an interesting question. If you had to choose only books or only music, which would you pick? Nearly 65% of you decided that you couldn't live without music, leaving book lovers in the minority.

Most Awkward Situation with Parents?
Tzxsean throws an embarrassing either/or at us. What would be worse, to get caught making out with someone or to get caught having a, uh, one-man show? So far you guys can't agree on which one's worse and have split the votes between the two awkward options.

Worse Complex?
AnubisibunA hits us with a little history-related ToT. Who has the worse complex, Napoleon and his height issues or Oedipus and his mommy problems? It's a toughie, and so far the votes are split 50/50.

Who Would Take Less Time Using the Bathroom?
Conqui25 wants to know who's speedier when it comes to emptying the tank, Iron Man or Grandpa. Poor gramps is losing with absolutely zero votes thus far. Aww...

In the end, another bathroom-related ToT ended taking home the prize. User zanvia won our last iPod Touch for asking if we just sit right on public toilet seats or if we protect our delicate bottoms with a paper seat cover first. Surprisingly, nearly 60% of you use the seat covers. I'd have figured our users just go for it au natural. Congratulations, zanvia!

Be sure to check back Monday as we announce our grand prize winner of that awesome brand-new Macbook Pro! And if you haven't won anything yet, don't despair, we'll be dishing out t-shirts to some of our all-stars who participated in the contest, plus we'll be unveiling our very first tournament soon. So don't go anywhere -- we want This or That to be one of your go-to sites for entertainment, news, giveaways, and more!

Debate It! 11

I love this place...thanks so much!

Posted By zanvia,

Aw, we love you too. ;)

Posted By Rebecca,

Sounds awesome! :)

Posted By weinwalker,

i like adding the pics.&the share on twitter function. could you make a site like tot for asking quick dumb questions--i got a lot of em.

Posted By pop,

but i guess i can put any Q in the form of a t-o-t

Posted By pop,

is today last day to enter? [sorry about rep.]

Posted By pop,

The contest is closed and we'll announce the grand prize winner on Monday.

Posted By Rebecca,

congratz to the winners. =)

Posted By tzxsean,

any sneak peak about the t-shirts?

Posted By tzxsean,

We have an old design but we're thinking about mocking up something new. I'll put up a post with some graphics once we decide on the new design so you guys can see it :D

Posted By Rebecca,

wish you could: add edit/redo functions, show full screen of pics. so don't have to keep kliking, say vote next to choice buttons[not clear], colorize your white pages--more pleasing to eye

Posted By pop,

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