10 Days of ToTs Day 7 and 8 Recap

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Our 10 Days of ToTs Twitter Contest has officially ended, but we still have some unfininshed business; nameley, finishing our contest recaps and picking some winners. We'll announce our final iPod Touch winners today and our Macbook Pro grand prize winner on Monday, but for now, here's a rundown of some of the great ToTs you all created on days 7 and 8 of our contest.

Day 7 ToTs

Dip into the Halloween Candy?
AnubisibunA wants you to tell the truth: Do you dip into the Halloween candy intended for trick-or-treaters? 75% of you admitted to sneaking a piece of candy, and the remaining 1/4 of you are liarfaces.

Who Made More of an Impact on Your Life?
Durstc asks whether your parents or your friends have made more of an impact on your life. The vote is fairly close, with 56% of respondents saying their parents are more of an influence. Based on the voting, it's safe to say that both your friends and your family make quite an impact on who you are.

Which is Easier to Disguise?
AnubisibunA absolutely needs to know which is easier to hide, a "gromach" (the part between your groin and your stomach) or a muffin top (the part of your stomach that hangs over your pants). Nearly 70% of you so far feel that the "gromach" is easier to conceal. I'd argue that while it's easier to disguise, it's not as tasty-sounding.

We had a bit of a slow day on Sunday -- it seems that you folks were busier enjoying your weekend and living your lives than holing up in front of a computer making comparisons on our site. Losers! Nonetheless, we were able to crown a Sunday winner, and that was daddytyme, who wondered which car flags are more lame, team sports flags or Confederate flags. 2/3 of you feel that mini Confederate flags stuck to someone's cards are uber-lame, while 1/3 of you apparently hate sports more than redneck ignorance.

Day 8 ToTs

On Monday our comparisons picked up again, and many of you created tons of ToTs for us to sift through and giggle over. Below are some of our favorites:

Which do You Prefer, Creativity or Originality?
Tzxsean found a creative depiction of the Street Fighter gang and was inspired to ask us whether creativity or originality is better. It's a close race, and so far just over half of you appear to prefer creativity.

Should California Legalize Marijuana This November?
With elections looming, our user Melgray wants to know whether California should legalize marijuana. An overwhelming 81% of you feel that the state should legalize pot. I now know that the This or That user base has a penchant for late night munchies and Grateful Dead tours.

Which is Harder, Exercise or Dieting?
JennaGermain makes a comparison most of us struggle with -- is it tougher to eat right or exercise? Over 70% of you seem to have problems with diets over sweatin' off those extra pounds.

What is the Best Method to Deal with Idiotic People?

Tzxsean must have a moronic neighbor or something, because he pings the masses and asks whether you should combat an idiot with sarcasm or the silent treatment. Fully 80% of you feel that stupidity should be met with sarcasm, not silence.

Which Would be Scarier for Survivors?

JennaGermain waxes philosophical about which post-apocalyptic situation is scarier, battling zombies or dealing with the aftermath of a meteor destroying most of the population. Almost 90% of you were like, "Duh, zombies are way scarier."

What's the Best Accessory?
All-star ToT creator AnubisibunA wants to know which accessory is better, "stunna shades" or a pimp cup. 53% of you so far feel that every playa should have a pair of stunna shades in his wardrobe.

What is Better?
Onetwomany has given us a pretty gross either/or situation: Would you rather eat slop or an insect? 63% of you seem to think that eating random mystery slop is better than chowing down on a bug.

Who's Crying on the Inside?
AnubisibunA must have caught a Toddlers and Tiaras marathon on TV, because he asks us who's more sad, pint-sized pageant contestants or their overbearing stage moms. 70% of you sympathize with the kids and think they're crying on the inside. Oh well, so long as the tears don't leak out and streak their spray-on tans!

Which Happens More?
AnubisibunA is quite the perceptive movie watcher. He polls us on what happens more in movies, Brad Pitt eating or John Cusack standing in the rain. A huge percentage of you (90%!) have noticed John Cusack in the rain in a huge chunk of his films.

Which Would Be Worse to Have, OCD or Hoarding?
Jalbrecht2000 wants to know which disorder is crappier. Even though hoarding is technically a form of OCD, 75% of you still think it's the worse affliction of the two. I don't blame you -- nobody wants to be crushed to death under a mountain of their own crappy belongings.

We had a lot of great comparisons on Monday, but the one that seemed to spark the most debate was DinaJ's ToT asking which would you rather be without for 24 hours, the Internet or food. After hundreds of views and a handful of comments, it appears as if 61% of you can do without the Internet for a day but can't bear to leave your stomachs empty. Congratulations, Dina!

Stay tuned for our last recap post, and on Monday we'll announce our grand prize winner!

Debate It! 3

Thank you so much! :-)

Posted By DinaJ,

No problem, Dina -- congratulations!

Posted By Rebecca,

i wanna be able to see the voting totals w/o voting[cuz i don't know about the topic]

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