10 Days of ToTs Day 5 and 6 Recap

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We're nearing the end of our 10 Days of ToTs Twitter Contest, but there have been plenty of comparisons that have been distracting us all from doing anything remotely productive. Below is a recap of some of the best ToTs days 5 and 6 had to offer.

Day 5 ToTs

Which Car Kicks More Arse?

AnubisibunA has emerged as one of our all-star ToT creators, having pumped out numerous comparisons throughout the course of this contest. In this ToT, he asks which car kicks more tail, the General Lee or KITT. So far over 60% of you feel that KITT is the better butt-kicker.

What Comes Out of a Unicorn's Rear End?
Yet another comparison from AnubisibunA. This time he asks the eternal question of what comes out of a unicorn's keister, butterflies or rainbows. Apparently over 75% of our users are convinced that rainbows originate from unicorn anuses. Go figure.

Best Type of Mullet?
Here comes a comparison from, you guessed it, AnubisibunA. He asks which mullet is your favorite, the fish or the iconic hairstyle. Sadly, only 32% of the votes have gone to the little fishy, so I guess business in the front, party in the back, continues to reign supreme.

Would You Rather Be Stuck in a Chilean Mine with Justin Bieber or Be Seen Buying Justin Bieber's Autobiography?
Ameeker ponders which is the lesser of two Biebers, er, evils. So far over 60% of you prefer to be caught buying the tween pop star's autobiography than be stuck in a mine with the weirdly coiffed wunderkind.

Which Strikes Your Heart with Greater Fear While Driving?
Previous iPod winner cm_cahill asks which is more terrifying while driving, seeing an old grandpa who's still driving or sharing the road with someone who's cell phone-obsessed. It's a tough one for sure, and so far 52% of you feel that cell phone drivers are slightly more terrifying than geriatrics behind the wheel.

Which is a Better Tagline?
Monicawright asks whether Mentos or the Pork Board has the better tagline. You folks seem split between "The Freshmaker" and "The Other White Meat," as currently the votes are 50/50.

Which is Harder to Kill?
MichelleR brings us this burning question: Which is harder to kill, vampire zombies or Nazi zombies? 54% of you seem to think that vampire zombies are tougher, but I don't buy it. You can peg them in the head or the heart, whereas those of you who have seen Dead Snow know how virtually indestructible those stupid German undead proved to be.

Who Has Better Mom Jeans?
Monicawright ponders whether JC Penney or LL Bean has better jeans for that special lady in all our lives. Over 60% of you side with LL Bean on this one, so keep that in mind the next time your mom is looking for tapered denim with an elastic waist.

Worse Catchphrase?
AnubisibunA asks which is the worse catchphrase, "That's what she said" or "Oh no you di'int!" Just over 60% of you think that the latter phrase is worse, so Michael Scott can breathe a sigh of relief for now.

Ultimately, we had to award AnubisibunA some serious nerd points as well as an iPod Touch for asking which is the best use of Wil Wheaton's hair, the Star Trek bouffant or his current man-beard. So far 75% of our users agree that the beard is better.

Day 6 ToTs

Which One is the Better Show?

Durstc asks whether The Simpsons or Family Guy is better. 53% of you side with Family Guy. For shame, This or That users. For shame.

Which is the Case of Wrong Soul in the Wrong Body?
Tzxsean wonders whether Lady Gaga has the soul of a man or Justin Bieber has the soul of a female. Unsurprisingly, considering our audience is all too eager to make fun of the Biebs, 64% of you feel he has the soul of a girl. (And the voice, and the hair...)

Which is Scarier?
Prpldy asks whether a wheel bug or Sarah Palin is scarier. This comparison seems to have divided our users, as 50% of you opted for the bug, while the other half voted for the former governor of Alaska.

Which is Worse?
Applespice159 asks the hard questions on everyone's mind: Which is worse, beer goggles or beer bellies? 64% of you aren't down with some beer pudge, which makes me wonder how many of you have experienced the dreaded beer goggle effect and been okay with the consequences.

Who Has Better Hair?
The Brady Bunch or Tom Brady? Durstc wants to know! 79% of you voted for the Brady Bunch. I think that's a bit unfair -- how can one man compete with a whole houseful of feathered coif?

How Does Yours Hang?
Get your mind out of the gutter, AnubisibunA is talking about toilet paper. 100% of you so far have picked "over" instead of "under."

Which is More Outdated?
Moongoose wants to know which is more obsolete, a wristwatch or MySpace. Hey, at least you can match a wristwatch to your wardrobe, even if it is kind of useless nowadays. MySpace, on the other hand... 67% of you seem to agree and feel that the social networking site needs to be put out to pasture.

In the end, tzxsean and his "Which keeps Ronaldo happy in his football club?" ToT made us giggle immaturely and award him with the iPod prize. (For the record, 67% of you feel that "The Active" makes the footballer happier.)

There are still a few hours left before our contest draws to a close, so be sure to enter now before it's too late! I'll put up recaps of Days 7-10 this week, and on Monday we'll announce our grand prize winner, so be sure to tune in then!

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