10 Days of ToTs Day 3 and 4 Recap

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Sorry for the slight delay in getting this post up! We had some technical difficulties yesterday, as you may have noticed, which prevented me from publishing the Day 3 recap. Oh well, no worries, I'll just mega-size the summaries like I did for Day 1 and 2. We had some more fantastic ToTs constructed by our devoted and creative users, once again making it hard to pick the winners. Below are our favorites as well as our Day 3 and 4 iPod Touch champs.

Day 3 ToTs

Who is Richer and Gets More Resources?
Tzxshawn pits Bruce Wayne against Tony Stark in the quest to find out which superhero has more money at his disposal. Unfortunately for Batman, his trust fund and Wayne Enterprises didn't stand much of a chance against Stark Industries, as 80% of you feel that Ironman has more bling.

Which is Weirder?
Mongoose poses a very valid question: Which is weird, Lady Gaga or Japanese inventions? It proved to be a real stumper and has so far split the votes 50/50.

How Would You Rather Go, in a Fiery Meteor Collision or 2012-Style?
Vivh pits two disaster movies against each other and asks which one you'd rather have wipe out all of mankind. So far the giant asteroid is winning, but not by much!

Is Halloween the Time to Slut It Up or Get Creative?
Cm_cahill wonders what's more important on October 31st, skanking it up or coming up with a creative costume. Surprisingly, nearly 90% of the votes opt to get creative instead of flashing some skin.

We awarded the iPod Touch to a comparison many of us can relate to. Netmeg asks, "Which update is the raspberry seed in your wisdom tooth, Microsoft Windows updates or Adobe updates? You guys must really hate Adobe updates, since they're currently beating out the Windows updates by capturing nearly 2/3s the votes. Congratulations, Meg!

Day 4 ToTs

Despite the downtime yesterday, we still had an awesome number of ToTs created. Thanks, loyal fans! We appreciated your patience as we scrambled to put our site back together with duct tape and Mighty Putty.

Furry or Hairy?

PoniLinda owes all of us some eye bleach for this heinously hirsute comparison. Unsurprisingly, 100% of the votes went to "furry."

Who's Funnier?
Poor George Lopez gets owned by a llama in zanedefazio's ToT that asks which one is funnier. The talk show host only managed to capture 6% of the vote. 

What's the Bigger Miracle?
User jjj ponders which is the bigger miracle, the Chilean miners getting rescued or Gap ditching their crappy new logo. It appears as if 80% of you decided to side with the Chileans this time.

Regular or Full-On Double Rainbow?
You know it's the question on everyone's minds, and AnubisibunA is the one who posted it as a ToT. It's so intense! What does it mean? Nearly 80% of you opted for the double rainbow because you know value when you see it.

Which of These is More Painful?
Teen Mom fans should relate to this ToT. Jarango ponders whether it's more painful to watch teen mom Farrah cry or to look directly into the sun. His comparison has created quite a rift in the community, with the vote currently split at 50/50.

Which Girl is Cuter?
RyanJones asks which "girl" is cuter, Justin Bieber or the "girl" from Hanson. Over 70% of you feel that the effeminate Hanson member is purdier than Ms(ter) Bieber.

Ultimately, we decided to go with cm_cahill's cute rhymey ToT asking users to weigh in on whether Farmville is lame or fun. An astounding 100% of the folks who voted are in agreement: Farmville is pretty lamesauce. Congratulations, Ms. Cahill!

Thanks for creating such fun and entertaining comparisons this week, everyone! Don't forget that our 10 Days of ToTs Twitter Contest will continue through the weekend, so create some comparisons this Saturday and Sunday for your chance to win an iPod Touch and to enter to win our grand prize of a Macbook Pro. Have a good weekend -- hope it's full of comparisons!

Debate It! 1

Congrats to the winners! And thank you to everyone for participating!

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