10 Days of ToTs Day 1 and 2 Recap

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We're midway through Day 3 of our 10 Days of ToTs Twitter contest, and so far we've gotten some great participation and some really awesome ToTs. I thought I'd share some of the best comparisons our users have created thus far, as well as recapping our winners thus far.

Day 1 ToTs

Which One is Better?
User angie1234p asks whether the Old Spice Guy's "Man Your Man Could Smell Like" or Grover's parody of the Old Spice commercial was better. Amazingly enough, the vote is currently split 50/50 down the middle, proving that this is indeed a tough question to answer.

Would You Rather Give Up Sex or Gain 10 Lbs?
Fldomer posts an interesting either/or, with an overwhelming majority of our users preferring to chub it up a bit instead of abstaining from bumpin' uglies.

Which is Sexier?
Fldomer strikes again and pairs some amusingly safe-for-work images with the question of which is sexier, going bald eagle or rockin' the landing strip (we'll let you decipher what that means). Like the Old Spice ToT, this one is also currently split at 50% apiece.

Which Pope is More Awesome?
Melgray proves that popin' ain't easy when he asks which pope rocks harder, "Jumpin' John Paul II" or "Bronco Bustin' Benedict." JP is beating out the current pope in the polls.

Who Makes Your Ears Bleed More?
Takeyourmarx gets cheeky with this ToT, asking who sounds worse, Justin Bieber or...Justin Bieber. The vote is split 50/50, making it a true battle between the Biebers.

What's More Fun, Facebook Friends or Real Friends?
Amazingly enough, "real friends" is only winning 55-45. I guess our users really love them some Facebook stalkin'!

We had some great ToTs help kick off our first day of the contest, but in the end, we could only crown one winner of the day, and that person was takeyourmarx, who created "What do you think about fixing others' grammar?" It attracted the trifecta of laughs, votes, and comments, so we had to shell out an iPod for it. Congratulations!

Day 2 ToTs

Day 2 had some equally awesome ToTs, making it much harder to judge which one was iPod Touch-worthy. I wish we could give out more than one a day! Here are some good ones:

Boob-Like Lamps
Fldomer ponders whether those boobalicious ceiling lights are simply a coincidence or the product of some "creative" men. Apparently nearly 90% of you think it's not just a fluke.

Which International Tradition is Stranger?

Fldomer sure has been busy on our site! He brings us yet another ToT, this time asking us whether a monkey buffet celebration or a Funny Face Day is the weirder tradition. The verdict thus far? Gurning (or the "weird faces"), currently winning 60/40.

Which is Harder to Look Away From?
This is a tough one, as indicated by the current 50/50 split. Fldomer (surprise!) asks which one's harder to turn away from, a train wreck or Lindsay Lohan. The two are practically interchangeable.

Which Are Worse?
User liamvandekamp finds some seriously wretched heels and pits them against each other in a battle of ugliest shoe, the zimmer frame heels or the Converse hooker heels. The voting is currently split at 50/50 -- indeed a tough decision.

Quien is Mas Macho?

Rick Springfield or Bruce Springsteen? It's a war between the dude stalking Jesse's girl and the Boss. Japes98 posed th question, and unfortunately for Ricky Boy, Springsteen is kicking his butt.

Which is Superior, the Ninja or the Pirate?
Zend13 asks the question that's on everyone's minds. So far ninjas are mopping the floor with the scurvy-afflicted seafarers.

Who's More Annoying, Mel Gibson or Kanye West?
Apparently being a racist girlfriend beater still isn't enough to usurp an irritating rapper, as nearly 70% of you feel that Kanye is more annoying than Mel. Thanks to mongoose for creating this one!

Which is More Feminine?

Speaking of mongoose, he came up with another celebrity ToT, comparing Justin Bieber and Martina Navratilova in a battle of who's got more estrogen. Poor Biebs doesn't stand a chance -- he's beating the manly Martina by a hefty margin.

Would You Rather Do a Load of Laundry or Pile Poop on Our Landscape?
Glassfishie asks an interesting question about diaper options, wondering if you're more willing to deal with cleaning cloth diapers in order to avoid filling landfills with the disposable kind. A tough question for sure, and it's currently sitting at 50/50.

We don't plan to always award the daily prize to the funniest or meme-iest ToT -- creativity definitely counts. That's why we gave Day 2's prize to liamvandekamp, who asked "Whose wardrobe inspired who?" and compared a high fashion model's wardrobe to an eerily similar-looking beatle. Congratulations!

At this point we've still got 7 1/2 days left to shell out free iPod Touches, not to mention our grand prize of a Macbook Pro. To all of you who have made great ToTs so far, thanks for creating such awesome comparisons, and keep 'em coming for your chance to win!

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