Better kitty, struttin' cat or stuck cat?


posted by Rebecca


Which cat picture is better, the one of the feline struttin' across the room or the one of the cat trying to wedge its way through a narrow doorway opening?

Debate It! 7

wrong pics!!!

Posted By PattinsonLover,

@PattinsonLover We had a db issue but it's fixed now. Thanks!

Posted By Rebecca,

Stray cat strut!

Posted By Writtenin1981,

Strutting Cat made me lol so much :P

Posted By polerberr,

strutting cat needs large caption that reads "haters gonna hate"

Posted By joshuatitsworth,

This or That needs "like" buttons for comments like the above. =P

Posted By Writtenin1981,

lol this r soo cute xD

Posted By awesome unicorn kid ,

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