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They must have hired the same poster designer too.

Debate It! 14

havn't seen Rango yet, but Fear and Loathing is my favourite film ever. I bet all the people voting havn't even seen Fear and Loathing. No person/charactor can compare to his portrayel of Hunter S Tompson.

Posted By Frank O' Nest,

I havent seen either.

Posted By polerberr,

it's stupid. Appears In Johnny Depp's range voice, fear and loathing is acting !, you can not compare that

Posted By noe_iero,

ya, johny deep in rango i like this character, lucu, lol :D

Posted By johan de la rey,


Posted By amyfeng,

RaNGO Nice

Posted By rezki,

Was in competition to be a spare voice in rango :D I lost though...DX

Posted By Lolalol,


Posted By rezki,

of course it's Fear and Loathing.

Posted By Juggalette67,


Posted By arez,

i say it`s Rango. because Fear And Loathing has something weird about drugs. while in Rango cheers up kids, and doesn`t have drugs and doesn`t inspire kids to do drugs

Posted By bradley odell,

Fear and loathing is dumb.

Posted By JohnnyDeppRocks,

RANGO! Even though I haven't seen either of these movies, I really want to see Rango (Johnny Depp and Bill Nighy? Seriously, that's pure epic)

Posted By TurkTang,

RANGO!!! <3 IT!!!

Posted By awesomeness12,

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