Better child star who inexplicably got hot:


posted by Rebecca


There's nothing more awkward than adolescence, but sometimes an ugly duckling will emerge from puberty a handsome-as-f*ck swan. This was the case for two young movie stars who went from "Dude, no" to "Dayum, he's fine."

Josh Peck, a formerly chubby child actor who starred on iCarly and Drake & Josh, grew up while slimming down. Matthew Lewis starred as the awkward-looking Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter film series and somehow managed to emerge from the production looking like a young hot Clive Owen.

Which child star grew into his looks better?

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When was Josh Peck on iCarly...? ^^^

Posted By DanieIsStrong,

THAT"S what happened to Josh Peck??? How was I not aware of this?

Posted By feelinFIERCE,

I must admit that that is definitely not Neville's Matt Lewis' worst photograph, though; he looked even weirder as a small child.
Josh Peck currently looks more attractive in my opinion, though.

Josh was from Nickelodeon's show 'Drake and Josh'.
The host of iCarly was also on that show.

Posted By Argentum477,

I can't believe this is the first time i'm hearing this. i gotta say Mathew Lewis

Posted By may maxwell,

wow smexy josh wow did that happen???

Posted By sarumaku,

WOW i was not expecting that turn around from Josh O.O

Posted By Queenie_Bee,

Josh Peck by far!

Posted By MikeEdwards,

Josh is kawaii and sexy ^^

Posted By iiCocainx,

Josh Peck

Posted By Reks,

NIVILE <3 HP!!!!! JUST CUZ HP and i think he is bettter looking

Posted By auroradee99,

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