Better Author? Stephanie Meyer or Richelle Mead


posted by MrCherryblossom


The Vampire Craze. Oh, the joy.

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Meyer is better with no doubt.

Posted By harryginnypotterfan,

Not even.
Her work was all rather predictable. Not to mention illiterate.
Have you read the Vampire Academy series?
Much more suspenseful. It put a new twist on the softened definition of 'Vampire' that is used these days.

Posted By Blururur,

In terms of who is a better writer, I think it's a tie. Thou Twilight was predictable & the storyline was a bit annoying & cliche at times, and I adored every page of the Vampire Academy series, both writers are extremely gifted. Ever read the Host? It blew my mind. Meyer wasn't even originally supposed to be an author but became one of the world's most influential people. I give her props for that. And she gives a sweet YA essence to her books. Richelle Mead has & will probably always be a writer. Her novels are fantastic & I never get tired of them. I recommend The Host to Twi-haters. & people please do not judge all vamp books from Twilight

Posted By Chocol8smiles,

It's difficult to suggest people read te Vampire Academy series, because they're applying their knowledge of Twilight to all Vamp books. But Mead did and amazing job

Posted By MrCherryblossom,

I LOVE the Vampire Academy books, I find them to be way better than Twilight.

Posted By danielle_bvbbotdf,

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