Best college "budget" food?


posted by zanvia


We've all been there. Cheap and easy. So which was your fave meal? Mac & Cheese or Ramen? Maybe for dinner or maybe it was that 2:00 a.m. snack. Admit still like them.

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Ooh, this is a tough one. Mac and cheese is tastier but ramen is cheaper and more versatile. I gave ramen the slight edge...oh, and even though I've been out of college for a while, I still have both in my pantry. :)

Posted By Rebecca,

Versatility FTW. Also, with Ramen it's fair game to crunch the noodles up and eat as a snack. I don't see Mac & Cheese being nearly as delicious uncooked.

Posted By tmiesen,

Ramen gets really old REALLY fast. Nastiness

Posted By Volatile,

Ramen is full of sodium and just tastes overly processed. Mac and Cheese isn't that great either, but tastes a little better and a bit less sodium. My husband used to eat ramen a lot before we were married. I stopped that. LOL

Posted By DinaJ,

mac & cheese...lived on it in college....even better with extra cheese, and replacing the milk with..more butter!

Posted By robdwoods,

My kids love Ramen noodles on cold days for after school snacks...I am not a fan of Ramen noodles at all. Everybody in house loves Mac-N-Cheese and if can't have baked we go for the Kraft :)

Posted By rsj2000mrs,

Guys will always pick Ramen because there's less work involved.

Posted By AnubisibunA,

I seriously can't believe Ramen is winning. What about the cheesy goodness???

Posted By zanvia,

Nac & Cheese

Posted By MrCherryblossom,

Mac 'n' cheese (winner!) is so goooooooooooooooooood! but Ramen is good as well tho.

Posted By katherine1,


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