posted by jogden


Sounds like every song nowadays uses auto-tune.

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Whatcha say? Autotune is awesome!

Posted By Jon,

Autotune is fun when it isn't abused, but way too many 'artists' are using it as a crutch. It will pass just like 3D did, oh wait, 3D is back isn't it?

Posted By lockheed40,

In the future, we will all be robots and we will sing like robots.

Posted By jogden,

autotune....yeah fucking right!!!

Posted By amandaisawsome,

auto tone is useless you either have voice or you don't does anyone remember what music is

Posted By heraldez77,

i think it sounds kinda cool but then i think, where would half the singers today be without autotune?

Posted By playzoey95,

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