Are you going to support KONY 2012?


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If this was happening in Australia( or any other country), the country would find out about it in a day, this has been happening in Africa for 20 years, and people have JUST found out, Joseph Kony is a monster, he's NUMBER ONE on the worlds worst criminals list and needs to be stopped, the problem is 99% of the world have no idea about this, if they did he would have been stopped long ago, people from all round the world are now trying to help, be one of them, spread the word! Were not fighting for them because it affects us, where fighting for these people because its right. Please join the facebook page: and watch this video I guarantee it will change the way you think and it will make you want to help these people! The government needs to know we care for them to do anything about it! KONY 2012!!!!!! Join here: THE FIRST ONE I DID WAS WRONG. BECAUSE IM STUPID. :-]

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I'd heard of Kony years ago. This isn't news. He has not been active since 2006 and is either dead or in hiding. The footage in the video is from 2004, and the man that created it sits on a comfortable 90k/ year wages. The US have ALREADY TRIED TO KILL HIM ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS, but it has been brutal each time with many children dying. People in Uganda are angry that this is what we are focussing on when they have current problems that we could help with. Research before you go spreading propaganda style videos.

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